Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blood On The Dance Floor’s Dahvie Vanity Again Accused of Child Abuse

Is Dahvie Vanity still a child molester? It seems that the answer is YES!

As was first reported back in 2010 by Stephenson Billings in his article “Is “Blood on the Dance Floor” the Most Vile Music Band in Human History?”  this is an evil band that is full of disgusting emosexuals. The worst of which is known as Dahvie Vanity, whose real name is David Jesus Torres. That’s right, not only is he an Emosexual, not only is he a child rapist, but he is also a dirty Mexican. But what else would you expect from a music group whose name refers to virgins having their monthly Aunt Flo visits on a dance floor. This music group is disgusting but this sexual deviant pervert is even worse.

So he is a Vampire too? It seems the blood is in 
his mouth as well as the dance floor.

Vanity is known for having sexual relations with underage emosexual girls and then having his rabid emo teen fans destroy the lives of the girls that he has committed statutory rape upon.  For an example of this just look at the sad life of the girl known as Jessi Slaughter. She was a pre-teen when Dahvie Vanity first had sexual relations with the troubled young emosexual. She soon told people and as the news spread, blame was put on the singer. His fans then started to attack her, and her life was ruined.  But this was not the first time.
In late 2009, Vanity was arrested for 1st Degree felony Sexual Assault, or to put it differently, statutory rape of an unnamed 16 year old girl from San Diego, CA. Then came poor Jessi Slaughter.  She was just an 11 year old girl when he first penetrated not only her body but also her soul. She made a video that she shared on youtube. It soon had 1.5 million views in less than 5 days and fans of the band attacked her. While this was happening Vanity was charged with a 2nd statutory rape charge and Jessi was put into protective police custody.

Another first hand story of being in  this perverts company.

So this is all the past and he has moved on right? Well no. This week another young girl has come forward on Twitter to accuse him of having sexual relations with her.
Due to the girl’s age and the fact that she is a victim here, we will not be sharing her name or her twitter address. But she goes by Isabelle. According to her twitter posts she met Dahvie after a concert and they went to her car. As she then puts it one thing lead to another. But at other places she says that she told him no. Either way she seems mad and decided to report it after Dahvie refused to tweet back to her.

Earlier posts are at the bottom as they would appear on twitter

Obviously being an emosexual and a fan of this band she isn’t very bright, and she proves it by inviting a known child rapist into her car. Many would say that she got exactly what she deserves. But we have to look at the law; the law says that if you are over 18 years of age and have sexual relations with anyone less than 18 years of age then it is illegal. This young man (if you can call someone that dresses like that a man) knew what he was doing and knew it was wrong as he had done it and been arrested twice for it. Now because he is too sick to control his own sick desires he will probably be headed to prison again.

At least that is one more godless emosexual band that won’t be ruining our children. It takes a truly sick person to make Andy Beersack look like a normal upstanding individual.

The perverts rap sheet.

You should have prayed before you committed statutory rape.