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Oh Canada…Why God Hates You

Oh Canada…Why God Hates You, And Why We Don’t Give a Canuck About Canadians Anymore. An expose into why God has cursed a nation.

One of America's most trusted allies is to it's north, Canada. But should it be? Should we trust these people? In my experience Canadians are up tight, godless, racist, communist, jerks. It is my intention to show you why God is ashamed of this sinful nation that has turned its self from Gods moral and correct teachings. God hates them for this, and he will soon set them on fire like He did England earlier this year. I hope that the people of Canadia see this and realize their mistakes and turn from their evil ways back to the awaiting open arms of God and the full friendship of the American people who are now Gods modern day chosen people.


Canada has an open border policy with people from Muslim lands. This is why it was so easy for the Al Quida terrorists of 9-11 infamy to come into America and ruthlessly murder over 3,000 people. Liberals think that because Canadians are typically white Anglo Saxons like us that they can be trusted. So the border with Canada is virtually unprotected for thousands and thousands of miles.

Muslims come from hot desert lands. Why would any of them want to go to a frozen waste land? There is only one answer to that. To stage terror attacks on America. It is bad enough that the muslims are all staging invasion in Canada but they are starting to pour into America. The City of Dearborn Michigan is teeming with them. In fact there is a new show on cable called “All American Muslim” that shows us what these “people’ are up to. Expect an article on that sin filthy show coming soon.


Canada is a liberal nation of atheists. They imprison and fine Christians for speaking their views. Don’t believe me? This story comes from, I hate using the Catholic heresy as a source but they do actually believe in God (wrongly)so I am more apt to believe them then a bunch of Hockey playing Canadians.
A group of eight Christians, members of a group called Operation Rescue protesting abortion were arrested and sentenced to jail terms for peacefully protesting outside an abortion clinic. I met one of the men, Donald Spratt, who was incarcerated in British Columbia's maximum security Oakalla prison for his crime — he was holding a sign outside an abortion clinic. Currently, he is awaiting trial in the BC Court of Appeal for violating the "bubble zone" of an abortion clinic. Once again, he was simply holding a sign with a Bible verse on it — Thou shalt not kill. A man by the name of Bill Whatcott, an evangelical Christian who is a licensed practical nurse, was fined $15,000 by his professional association, for protesting against abortion on his own time, and also fined $20,000 by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission for speaking out against homosexuality. There is a great deal of intolerance shown towards religious people who express their views in public.
I hope this sounds like Stalinist Russia or Hitlers Germany to you because it is. The liberal God hating Canadian Government is using the mighty hand of their liberal godless judiciary to ruthlessly fine and imprison Christians for what should be their undeniable right to Freedom Of Speech. You are probably thinking that this is as bad as it gets and that I have used the worst examples that I can find. That is not at all in fact correct. In fact it goes on:
Mr. Hugh Owen is an evangelical Christian employed as a prison guard. He placed an ad in theSaskatchewan Star Phoenix. The ad was a picture of two stick men holding hands, with a red circle with a bar across, superimposed on them. Below were four scripture references, but not the actual Bible verses. In 2001 he was convicted of a hate crime by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal and forced to pay his three accusers $1500 each. The judge in the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench suggested that using Bible verses in a newspaper ad like this, could be construed as hate literature. So there is now legal precedent in Canada that the Holy Bible is hate literature.
Professional printer Scott Brockie, who refused to print material for the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives, because he felt doing so would violate his religious beliefs. He was fined $5000 on February 24, 2000, and ordered to print the material anyway. Mr. Brockie took his case to the Ontario Supreme Court, then to the Ontario Court of Appeal and lost both times. The court has ordered Mr. Brockie to pay his opponents legal costs of $40,000. His total legal bills surpass $170,000.
In the year 2000 every city in British Columbia was threatened with a Human Rights Tribunal lawsuit if they did not proclaim a Gay Pride Day by a group called the Rainbow Coalition. Many cities did, but some cities stopped making proclamations of any kind just to avoid the whole controversy. I am afraid that the list of Canadian crimes against Christians go on an on. Canada would have you believe that it is a peaceful land for of tolerance and freedom. But the truth is that there is no freedom or tolerance if you are a christian.

 America was founded with guns. Our nation has a long and proud history of using guns for defense against aggressors (such as England of Canada early on) and for procuring food from hunting. Americans still use guns for defense and hunting as well as sport and collecting. We love guns. We know that they are tools and unfortunately like all tools can be used as deadly weapons by the wrong people. But we as a nation do not go around banning the use and sell of hammers and wrenches...or guns.

Canada is different. Canada does not love guns. They are a socialist nation that trusts their government to protect them. So they have allowed their nation to take their guns away. In Canada you can have a long gun, which is a rifle or shotgun. But you have to have it registered. Americans know that gun registries are a way to allow the government to know how many guns you have and where they are, allowing them to one day come and take them away from you when they feel that an armed populace is to strong to usurp the power of the all mighty government.

Handguns, which are pistols, are virtually outlawed in Canada. Handguns with a barrel shorter than 4.14 inches are illegal in Canada. Pistols in .25 or .32 caliber are completely illegal in Canada. Most handguns with a barrel longer than 4.14 inches are restricted. If you ever go to Canada and want to defend yourself against crazed atheists then I suggest a bow and arrows. Unless they are afraid of those to!

It isn’t bad enough that they have to make guns illegal in their own country they are trying to force gun laws here in America! The New Democratic Party leader advocates lobbying for tougher gun-control laws in the USA.


Canadians love to talk about how racist Americans are. Listen to a Canadian and you would think the whole country is like Mississippi in the 1950’s. But the truth is we are all Americans and love one another. We may have disagreements occasionally but we are all one happy American family when it comes right down to it.

But not Canada. Just like Mexicans are pouring into our borders, Asians are entering into Canada and the Canadians don’t like it. These poor squinty eyed refugees are going to Canada, packing freighters and cargo ships for a land that they have been told is open, friendly and accepting. But it isn’t.

Especially hated are the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. But all groups of Asians are hated in Canada. They are looked to as a source of labor and foreign investment, but are still not looked at as real Canadians. As one web site puts it:
As such, Asian Canadians are trapped in a perpetual racist contradiction: they are both wanted and unwanted in this country. So long as they provide labour, capital, and expertise to the Canadian economy, they are wanted. However, when they assert their entitlement to human rights, genuine integration, and even education in Canada, their sense of belonging is challenged.

Any child molester is a disgusting pervert that deserves the toughest earthly punishment, and then deserves an eternity in hell. Canada is not the only land to have perverts. But they are the only people to give this man a game show on television where he could touch countless generations of kids in inappropriate ways...


Hockey is the worst sport in the world. With the exception of Soccer. Only Canadians could come up with a supposed sport that involves men figure skating with sticks and putting little black things into stylized puckered butt cheeks. Speaking of racism, why didn’t they have one single person of color on their winter Olympic team? America is such an accepting land we have plenty of dark colored people on our teams. Speaking of winter Olympics, what in the world is curling? If people are going to play a sport where you sweep something then women should play that sport. Sweeping is a woman's job. Why do Canadians insist on blurring the lines between sexual roles?


As if Canadians of English descent isn’t bad enough you have Canadians or French decent too. We all know that the French are more perverted deviants than the English, so if the English Canadians are as bad as we have seen, then imagine how disgusting it is to live in the French part.

Not much is known about French Canadia as they speak a foreign language. What we do know is that they are clustered in an area known as Quebec. Church attendance in Quebec is low. The frenchies want to succeed from Canada but have lost their political bids to gain independence, time and time again. Unlike Americans they are unwilling to raise up and take their independence, even if they did what are they going to do it with, Hockey sticks? Guns are virtually outlawed.

Because of the opulence of the French in the east, western Canadians pay more taxes to feed the fat, rich and French Eastern part. All that cheese and wine goes somewhere. It goes to their waists.


 It all boils down to the fact that Canadians hate their selves. They know that they are wrong. They know that they are sinners and they wish they were us. America saw what England had become and decided that we didn’t want any of it, any longer. On the other hand, Canada decided to stick with the monarchy. Because of this they stayed in the shadow of the queen and never had a chance to shine as their own independent light. They never got to become a major party on the international landscape.

Now all they have is Hockey, and a Navy that is smaller than some Somali pirate fleets. Canada hates the US because they secretly want to be us. This love hate feeling that they have for us is pouring over into politics. Only an insecure nation would rename Ham in their honor.


Many Americans are tired of having to enter a foreign land just to go to our own American territories and states. Among these places are Point Roberts, Washington and the Great State of Alaska. Because they are separated from the mainland, Americans have to make an arduous journey across the unfriendly nation of Canada. Many Christians in fact fear imprisonment if caught.

There is actually a movement to take back parts of Canada as our Manifest Destiny. One such organization, even supports America Uniting with Canada and having a 60 state nation. But can Americans and Canadians come together to be one nation?

They would have to learn to be tolerant people and to respect ones inalienable rights to life, land, guns, free speech and happiness. They would also have to give up their socialist ways and embrace capitalism and the free market. They would also have to stop persecuting religious Christians and learn to live with us hand in hand in Gods love.

The truth is that Canadians are just too sinful and perverse to be included in Gods love, let alone America’s. God is much more forgiving than America. He may forgive people persecuting his beloved people, but we do not.



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  4. Please... "This is why it was so easy for the Al Quida terrorists of 9-11 infamy to come into America and ruthlessly murder over 3,000 people. "

    What a load of crap !!!


    19 Arab muslims outwitted the most sophisticated military defence system in the world - 4 times in succession from a cave in Afgahnastan .... lol !!!!

    They defeated the laws of physics that day • by having collapsing buildings fall at free fall rate

    They defeated the laws of chemistry - by melting steel girders with aviation fuel (really ?!?!)

    They brought drown 3 WTC buildings (#1, 2 and #7 ) by hitting only two of them

    Each building happened to fall neatly, at FREE FALL speed, into its own 'footprint'

    All of the hijackers were on board - we're not sure yet why NONE of their names appeared on any of the flight manifests

    At feast five of the hijackers turned up alive and well, after being interviewed LIVE on the BBC news, after their suicide missions on 9/11 - they now live- in the middle east

    A plane hit the Pentagon (one of the most guarded buildings in the USA) · Unfortunately no CCTV footage of the actual plane exists (the wreckage, plane parts, luggage and bodies were never found.... that's a FIRST in History)

    Cell phone calls were made at altitudes and speeds that are impossible (over 2000 feet / over 230 mph). we STILL don't know how they did this

    THIS was the official story... and the Sheeple of the US believed it hook-Line & Sinker !!

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  7. America is built on the genocide of the Indigenous people, and the labour of slaves. You are the descendants and heirs of murdering, raping, slave owning thieves. Your patriotism in the face of these truths is proof of your moral inferiority.

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