Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taking The Piss: Australia's Sick Fascination With Drinking Urine

You've probably seen an "Aussie" somewhere online asking if you are "taking the piss", if you are
like me you have been equally horrified and disgusted that some one would ask you such as horrible question. Of course I am not stealing your urine! My God, Jesus Christ up in heaven, why would I even want it?

So why do Australians have this sickening fetish for having their urine stolen? It's taken me months of research but I have finally nailed it down.It all starts back in 1826.

As the HMS Washforth was sailing to supply a settlement on the Tasmanian coast a typhoon caught them. during the storm the sails were ripped from the masts, then the masts were torn for the rest of the ship. Miraculously the ship and it's crew survived the storm.

The Devil Down Under: Why God Hates Australia Day

From time to time everyone gets a little voice in their head that tells them to do something. If you are a good and decent person then you know that is the voice of the Lord speaking to you. Recently I heard that voice. It was the voice of Jesus Christ himself telling me how much he hates the Pacific Island Nation of Australia. He wanted me to share with you and the world why he felt this way. For most of us as Americans, what we know about Australia comes from Outback Steak House or Movies. So lets take a moment to see why God is so upset with them. If you doubt that they are inspired by the devil all you have to do is turn to their favorite condiment. What kind of person would eat Vegemite? Here are 12 reasons that You and God should hate Australia

A Sad History:
God made the earth for man. Unfortunately due to a design flaw he put Australia to far away from the bible Land to be settled by decent Christian people first. The first two legged creatures to make it to Australia were highly developed monkeys known as Neanderthals. Many supposedly educated evolutionists consider these creatures to be human, but one look will tell you they are nothing like us. These apes still inhabit Australia and are now known as Aboriginese. For people from the American continents the Aboriginese are the Indians of Australia.

Black Baltimore Mom Makes Beating Children Popular Again

"Spare the rod, Spoil the child"
-The Bible

It is simple. Children are born idiots and you have to raise them right, to not be idiots. Most children
are not smart enough to understand without beating them. When you don't beat your children they  remain idiots. Worse, they grow up to be idiots.
Mother of the Year. Hero. Baltimore's next Mayor.

The problem happened in the 1960's with those filthy hippies with their free love and doing drugs and listening to Jimmy Hendrix instead of raising their children. That generation of idiots raised a generation of idiots and then that generation is raising the current generation of morons that we have running around, listening to Black Veal Brides and Ludacrist and that Justin Beaver. They are cutting school, theirselves, and burning cop cars and throwing bricks at cop cars.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Congratulations to Loretta Lynn New U.S. Attorney General

Loretta Lynn New Attorney General
As many of you saw earlier today Loretta Lynn, country music legend has become the new Attorney General of the United States. I am surprised that President Obama would pick a WHITE woman, much less a country music legend. But I suppose it is part of his reaching out to younger kids.

A few years ago popular musician Jack White reached out to Loretta to make music with him. So beautiful was their music that it was even rumored that the two were romantic with one another although she was several generations older than him.

Years ago on a youth retreat trip thru Tennessee we stopped at her ranch in Hurricane Mills and met her. What a wonderful woman. Obama could not have picked a better person to replace that despicable crooked piece of human excrement that is Eric Holder. I still have no idea why it took Congress so long to agree to her. Typical Washington Idiocy.