Monday, June 26, 2017

Optimus Prime Disgusted by Transformers 5 Refuses to Star Again

Optimus Prime laments his starring role.
I recently had time to talk to some of the stars of the new Transformers movie at the recent premiere of the movie in Atlanta Ga, where parts of the motion picture was filmed. There was that Marky Mark guy that makes hamburgers on TV. There was also the whorelot that stars in the movie too. Anthony Hopkins was sort of there. But he was drunk and mumbling about ruining his career. But the most "realist" and most interesting person there was Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime has been staring in TV and movies for the franchise which is based off of Hasbro toys for over 30 years. But Mr. Prime revealed to me that he will not return after watching the latest movie.

"I am disgusted. Michael Bay has ruined this. I have been a hero to generations of children. But what am I now? What am I now?" asked Optimus Prime. "I've been letting it go. Put up with so much. Hasbro just keeps throwing money at us. What was I supposed to do?"