Monday, February 6, 2017

God Hates Tom Brady: How A Patriot Sold His Soul To The Devil

I was born in 1930 In Atlanta. I have seen many things in my life. But what I saw Sunday night took the cake. The Atlanta Falcon’s with God himself on their side were laying holy waste to the disgusting deceptive New England Patriots. As if any Yankee northerner could ever be a patriot to this great God fearing nation. The score was 28 to 3. The Falcons were winning with God the mighty Jehovah on their side. But then something happened.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Does Sodomy Fuel Dentists Murderous Rampage?

 This weekend the world learned that some worthless scumbag had illegally lured Cecil The Lion from a protected reserve in Zimbabwe and shot him. Over the next few days it was reveled that an American dentist had paid $55,000 to two locals that lured the endangered animal from the reserve by dragging a dead animal carcass from the reserve to just outside of the reserve so that the rich American dentist could shoot the animal.

Walter J. Palmer, a dentist in Bloomington, Minnesota shot the endangered lion with a bow and arrow, then spend the next 40 hours tracking the poor injured beast before finally killing it with a gunshot. They then skinned it and hacked it's head off. But only after trying unsuccessfully to cover their tracks by attempting to destroy the animals tracking device.

Look how close he is to his Butt Buddy.
Luckily for justice, officials found the tracking device and soon arrested the two men that served as "guides" for the dentist. While of course he escaped the country back to America.

This is not the first time that Palmer has been in trouble for murdering an animal that he shouldn't have. He pleaded guilty to a license violation after shooting a black bear in Wisconsin in 2008. At that time he shot the bear in a restricted area. Sound familiar?

So what could drive a wealthy man to to waste $55,000 on killing an animal? Most dentists with that kind of money just buy a Porsche to show that they are having a mid life crisis, but this horrible excuse for a human has to go around the world murdering God's defenseless endangered animals?

There is only one excuse for why someone would do something so disgusting.

Palmer and his unknown Butt Buddy take the animal from behind.

That's right. If you look at all of the pictures of this man he is with another man. In the gay culture these people are what's called "butt buddies".

The bible  tells us that sodomy is against nature. What could be more against nature than flying to another country to kill an animal that is almost extinct? The bible tells us that sodomy is vile. Can we not all agree that killing an animal that is almost extinct is vile? Just look at Dr. Walter J. Palmer sitting there smiling over the dead corpses of Gods greatest creatures, that he has just murdered, while holding the hands of his many sodomy sex partners.

What a disgusting human being.
I bet he even rapes the dead animals after he has sodomized his butt buddies.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taking The Piss: Australia's Sick Fascination With Drinking Urine

You've probably seen an "Aussie" somewhere online asking if you are "taking the piss", if you are
like me you have been equally horrified and disgusted that some one would ask you such as horrible question. Of course I am not stealing your urine! My God, Jesus Christ up in heaven, why would I even want it?

So why do Australians have this sickening fetish for having their urine stolen? It's taken me months of research but I have finally nailed it down.It all starts back in 1826.

As the HMS Washforth was sailing to supply a settlement on the Tasmanian coast a typhoon caught them. during the storm the sails were ripped from the masts, then the masts were torn for the rest of the ship. Miraculously the ship and it's crew survived the storm.

The Devil Down Under: Why God Hates Australia Day

From time to time everyone gets a little voice in their head that tells them to do something. If you are a good and decent person then you know that is the voice of the Lord speaking to you. Recently I heard that voice. It was the voice of Jesus Christ himself telling me how much he hates the Pacific Island Nation of Australia. He wanted me to share with you and the world why he felt this way. For most of us as Americans, what we know about Australia comes from Outback Steak House or Movies. So lets take a moment to see why God is so upset with them. If you doubt that they are inspired by the devil all you have to do is turn to their favorite condiment. What kind of person would eat Vegemite? Here are 12 reasons that You and God should hate Australia

A Sad History:
God made the earth for man. Unfortunately due to a design flaw he put Australia to far away from the bible Land to be settled by decent Christian people first. The first two legged creatures to make it to Australia were highly developed monkeys known as Neanderthals. Many supposedly educated evolutionists consider these creatures to be human, but one look will tell you they are nothing like us. These apes still inhabit Australia and are now known as Aboriginese. For people from the American continents the Aboriginese are the Indians of Australia.

Black Baltimore Mom Makes Beating Children Popular Again

"Spare the rod, Spoil the child"
-The Bible

It is simple. Children are born idiots and you have to raise them right, to not be idiots. Most children
are not smart enough to understand without beating them. When you don't beat your children they  remain idiots. Worse, they grow up to be idiots.
Mother of the Year. Hero. Baltimore's next Mayor.

The problem happened in the 1960's with those filthy hippies with their free love and doing drugs and listening to Jimmy Hendrix instead of raising their children. That generation of idiots raised a generation of idiots and then that generation is raising the current generation of morons that we have running around, listening to Black Veal Brides and Ludacrist and that Justin Beaver. They are cutting school, theirselves, and burning cop cars and throwing bricks at cop cars.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Congratulations to Loretta Lynn New U.S. Attorney General

Loretta Lynn New Attorney General
As many of you saw earlier today Loretta Lynn, country music legend has become the new Attorney General of the United States. I am surprised that President Obama would pick a WHITE woman, much less a country music legend. But I suppose it is part of his reaching out to younger kids.

A few years ago popular musician Jack White reached out to Loretta to make music with him. So beautiful was their music that it was even rumored that the two were romantic with one another although she was several generations older than him.

Years ago on a youth retreat trip thru Tennessee we stopped at her ranch in Hurricane Mills and met her. What a wonderful woman. Obama could not have picked a better person to replace that despicable crooked piece of human excrement that is Eric Holder. I still have no idea why it took Congress so long to agree to her. Typical Washington Idiocy.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Australia Prepares for 2014 “Irwin Day Ray Fest”

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia – Now that Australians are packing up the holiday decorations others are preparing for their next big holiday.
2014 Event Poster
2014 Event Poster

Seven years ago Steve Irwin, Australia’s most famous export died after being struck through the heart with the barb of a sting ray. So enraged by the death, this small town decided to strike back on the mostly harmless, but sometimes deadly Ray.

N. Korea Arrests Dennis Rodman

BREAKING NEWS – In an act that is not too surprising, North Korea says that American Basketball star Dennis Rodman has been arrested in Pyongyang, for sedition.

Details are not yet forthcoming, but rumors coming from South Korean News outlets are that Rodman was involved in a verbal exchange with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. The North Korean leader, who many around the world see as a dictator, confronted Rodman on his interview on US news outlet CNN.

Santa’s Elf Caught Stealing PS4s

Saturday – Police were called to a warehouse in a commercial district in Los Angeles. When they arrived they were shocked by what they found.

Dock workers had reported suspicious events occurring around a shipping container as soon as it entered port. Workers notified the police who then set up surveillance around the container day and night. Finally this Saturday morning at 3:31 AM their net ensnared the guilty party.

Fast Food: Could Your Fish Sandwich Be Radioactive?

In March of 2011, a giant tsunami hit Japan, crippling the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant. Since that time the nuclear plume has been slowly spreading across the Pacific Ocean, even as tons of irradiated debris has been washing up on the west coast of the united states. Every time this radioactive debris washes up on our shore it carries thousands of radioactive invasive species, which have to be destroyed by special scientists.

De Jesus shows off a possibly mutated catch.
De Jesus shows off a possibly mutated catch.
So you would think that as an American Consumer you would be safe. But you are not. It has recently come to my attention that several fast food chains could be selling poisonous fish.

Juan Ortiz De Jesus, is a fisherman from California, everyday he wakes up and takes to the sea. He works for a company called Southern Pacific Fisheries (SPF). The company has a fleet of trawler ships that catch thousands of tons of fish a day. This fish haul is then sold to plants that process the fish. From there the fish is divided by quality into lots, with high quality fish being sold to high price restaurants, fish markets and grocery stores. Low quality fish is sold to fast food chains to be further processed into their fast food fair.