If you would like to contact me then I encourage you to post a comment here on my blog. If that is not enough for you than you can always choose one of the following options.

Like Me On Facebook:
From there you can post on my wall, send me a message, or just keep up with my latest articles and adventures. Even if I do not answer I have staff that regularly checks the page for me. If you are ignored then you are obviously an emosexual or other sort of idiot.

Follow Me On Twitter:
I will be honest. I am not very good with the twitters. With all the @ing and the #hash tagging. I have no idea what I am doing there. But you can follow me and still send me messages.

 Google +:
Much like twitter I am on the googles Plus, and have no idea how to work it. When I write a blog here, it automatically posts there. When I write else where I click the G+ button. Just like the rest of you I never go there.


No. I am joking. No one is there. No one at all. That page is more dead than my friend Gertrude.

I have a couple of videos there that you might like. I hope you enjoy them.

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