Susan's Greatest Hits

Here is a list of my most popular articles from my days at Christwire:

My most popular article to date was my expose on Canada. Thousands of people poured into Christwire's servers to read the article, shutting the server down for days. At it's height I was told over 150,000 people a day were reading it. Over 35,000 people liked and shared the article on facebook alone. If you read the original post on christwire and read the comments you will see that the people of Canada are just as disgusting as I tell in the article.

Oh Canada…Why God Hates You

One of America's most trusted allies is to it's north, Canada. But should it be? Should we trust these people? In my experience Canadians are up tight, godless, racist, communist, jerks. It is my intention to show you why God is ashamed of this sinful nation that has turned its self from Gods moral and correct teachings. God hates them for this, and he will soon set them on fire like He did England earlier this year. I hope that the people of Canadia see this and realize their mistakes and turn from their evil ways back to the awaiting open arms of God and the full friendship of the American people who are now Gods modern day chosen people.

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