Sunday, July 29, 2012

British Twilight Fan makes a Fool of herself.

As any real fan of mine knows, I am not a big supporter of England. I find it to be a horrible place. It is a godless nation of atheists, witches, socialists, and Sodomites. It is no surprise then, that some little English twit has decided to take to youtube to make a complete fool of herself.

Is it no surprise that she is also a fan of the Twilight series? You all know that Christwire has written copious amounts about the sin level of that series. If you are lucky enough to not know what it is then I will try to explain it.

Twilight is a books series based on movies about a gay vampire and a homosexual wolf boy. Then a teen aged girl comes between them and is stuck in a homogay love traingle. Well it seems that the actress that plays the girl in the movie has cheated on her real life husband.

This poor foolish girl in the video below decided to make a video about her feelings on the news. As you will notice this girl has a unibrow and seems to be a bit inbred. Of course as Americans, we know that this in a bit weird, but she is just a typical English woman. This is what they all look like. This comes from being stuck on an island for 6,000 years and mating with your cousins.

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  1. I hope to one day be able to see these creatures in their own habitat.