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London is Burning: Why God Hates England

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This weekend riots broke out in London England. It happened because a youth was shot by the police. News reports tell us:
Sirens could be heard across the city as authorities rushed reinforcements to the scene. In Tottenham shop windows were smashed as residents looted the stores, pushing shopping carts full of stolen goods down the street.
Officers in riot gear and on horseback pushed up against the demonstrators. Akinsanya put the number of demonstrators at between 400 and 500. Police said there were about 300 people gathered.
London is burning.
God has cast hell on Earth because of England’s sins against humanity and God.

I have never been one to mince words, especially when it comes to England, or Britain or whatever you want to call it. It is an Island nation of dirty satanic perverts. It is a dirty sinful state who’s only exports are sin. Lets review those sinful exports.

Everything was fine in England until Prince Albert decided he wanted a divorce. Surprisingly the Pope who normally lets Catholics do what ever they want and then say some “Hail Mary’s” would not let the Prince get his divorce. Being the Prince he got his father to kick out the catholic bishops (a good start) but then created their own church (not real protestants=bad end). This Church of England’s followers are known as Anglicans and are like Catholics but believe in Abortion, Birth Control, Divorce, and Sodomy.

Disgusted by the Anglicans a group of good Christians known at the Puritans rose up. The church of England hated sharing religious power and started repressing them. Civil war erupted and the Anglicans committed numerous war atrocities that would make a Nazi salute. The lucky puritans managed to leave for the new world.

Soon England began to over fill, so they sent more of their people here. They took possession of our land and began over taxing and torturing our grand fore fathers. You know the rest. Our brave fore fathers threw off the yokes of oppression and opened up a can of whoop butt on them. But then they came back! 1812 saw the return of the limey Brit’s who dared set fire to our beloved national landmark of the white house. I ask you did we ever set fire to Big Ben?

Proud Christian Americans died fighting English tyrannical rule.

For a hundred years England stayed on their side of the Atlantic ocean and relations became more friendly. Then WWI erupted and we had to go save the continent. Americans returned home and were happy. But then again Europe erupted into WWII. Americans wanted to stay at home but Winston Church Hill convinced us to help them. Once we beat Germany into submission we again returned home.

Unfortunately then England dragged us into a war in Iraq. And we all know how that is going. One has to wonder if this is another attempt to soften us up for yet another invasion.

Millinia ago most of Europe was becoming Christians while the pagan Druids in England were building Stonehenge to sacrifice virgins to the Wicca god Cthulhu. The religion of Jesus was finally brought to the land but recent generations have thumbed their nose at Jesus and have reverted to the previous sinful state of witchcraftery. For centuries people have gone to Stonehenge to look at big rocks stuck in the ground and remembered why they no longer do that.

The pagan wiccan god.

But recent generations have come back to have pagan sex festivals whilst listening to raver music on Winter solstice at the landmark. The week after the event, the British Park service has to call up reserve people to clean the place up. Normally I would feel bad for people that have to touch DNA drenched used condoms and glow sticks, but they are British. They deserve it.

Pagan Devil worship was unknown in the early days of the US colonies, other than the Indians of course. On the other hand England had witch trials on a monthly basis. Fortunately for America the first groups to legally immigrate from England here were good God fearing Christians that were displaced by the not so christian Anglicans. But then later groups included witches, and soon we had to have witch trials as well. For hundreds of years if there were pagan satanic witches they were in hiding where they belonged. But Due to the pagan rejuvenation in England as well as Lord of the Rings and Harry Pooter, witchcraftery is once again on the spread in our great christian land.

All witches are evil

Lord of The Harry Pooter:
Speaking of witchcraftery, we have to look at J.K. Rowlings Harry Pooter series. This gay tale of teen english children running around wiggling their magic wands at each other and riding around on phallic broomsticks. What can I say about this series of books and movies that has not already been said on countless christwire articles? But before this came along there was the Lord of the Ring quadlogy. These four books taught children about a dangerous world of Ogres and dwarves and elves. They excited a literary revolution in fantasy and then lead to Dungeons and Dragons and to World of War Craft and then to Harry Pooters, Chamber Pot of satanic secrets.

The Royals:
Does anyone even understand what is going on there? They have the royals who own the country but they have a prime Minister that runs things but they are a democracy not a monarchy…How can a Queen even run things? Isn’t that the King’s job? Why isn’t that big eared retard Prince the King? Why did that one king in the 30s give up the kingship for marriage to a commoner but Prince Harry who will supposedly be king one day if his grand mother ever dies, married that model whorelot that keeps exposing herself like Britney Spears in her meth days. I don’t understand any of this. It makes no sense.

What is worse is that the English people support their lavish sinful lifestyle. The Queen sits in her giant Tower of London and looks down on them and throws huge parties for Saudi and Chinese Business men. They eat fancy dinners of escargot, fish eggs and turkey legs. After business and dinner is done with, they relax to the private rooms and have drunken debaucherious parties. This is how Prince Harry met his new wife Kate Winslet.
Future Queen Kate

To make it even worse American’s now are fascinated by these people! Our brave fore fathers fought and died so we did not have to worry about these people ever again but now we can’t seem to get enough. Princess Diana was bad enough but we have these two newlyweds strutting around North America on their honeymoon. It disgusts me.

England/Britain/Great Britain:
Even worse that the monarchy, is what to call the gosh darned place? Is it England? Britain? Great Britian? United Kingdom? What is Whales and how does it even relate to the country? What about Scotland and Ireland? Just look at this video and tell me you are NOT confused!

They drive on the wrong stupid side of the road! The only country in Europe to drive on the wrong side and then they fuss about how much their cars cost!

British TV.
I hate British TV. Especially their comedy. It isn’t funny. Remotely! Monte Python is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I literally would rather watch telemundo on mute than watch a British Comedy. To add insult to injury PBS seems the think that they are the BRITISH Public Broadcasting System. And then to further kick you when you are down, Hollywood is bringing the trash over hear, and slapping an American face on it, as with the Office. Then there are the reality and game shows that they are doing that with. Isn’t American Idol and Dancing with People That Once Appeared on TV enough? Do we really need a Big Brother? Or an America’s got talent? I am tired of seeing Simon Cowells face, and hearing Sharon Osbourne’s mouth. Shouldn’t she be at home coaxing the last bit of talent from her drug addled chicken head biting degenerate of a husband, and wringing every dollar from him before he finally lapses into a drug induced coma?

Typical English Trash

Don’t get me started on Top Gear. I have already devoted an entire article to those gap toothed dandy perverts.

The English Language:
Scientists tell us that we speak the same language, and for the most part I agree but what is a wanker, spanner, bollocks, chips, arse, and chaps; but most importantly why do British people smoke fags? I think we know the answer.

But then there is the way they even spell the same words! They do it WRONG! For Example:
American English:





British English:





Returning Youth:
And most annoying to me is the children fresh out of school who feel like they have to go visit England and Europe to be cultured. We have culture here. It is the best culture there is! Mexicans are willing to break into our country illegally to be a part of our culture. The Chinese are stealing as much of it as they can to reverse engineer it back in China. But still these liberal hippie kids want to learn more about Jolly Old England!

So God has put London to the flame. I say…Let it burn

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