Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Emo-Sodomite: The New Evil Face of Emosexuality and Other Evils

It was just a little over a year ago that I first came to christwire. I officially joined the Holy Site the day after Easter 2011. I first came to this site after learning of a horrible atheist assault on Christianity. Atheists it seemed, were taking it upon their selves to insult our Lord Jesus during the most holy holiday of Easter. To do this they used horrible tasteless "Zombie Jesus" jokes. "Atheists Continue To Disrespect Easter with Zombie Jesus Jokes, Photographic Sacrilege" was the headline and the lack of respect to Americas religion of Christianity was shocking. Since this is my one year aniversary of working on this site and I have been working hard to bring the terror of emosexuals to the fore front. I thought I would write an article on some of the latest threats to you, your family, and America.

EMO-SODOMITES: One of the biggest threats from emosexuals has been their blurring of the sexes. Men dress like women and the women dress either like men or like slutty whorelots. But now the emosexual males have decided to join with homosexuals to create a new breed of pervert known as the Emo-sodomite.This term was first coined by our old friend and occasional commenter to this site, Timmay. Males of the emosexual klan have decided to give up girls and to lie with men the way that they lie with women. This is the great sin that God warned us of in the bible. Sodomy is a sin and and an abomination unto God. But these godless emosexuals embrace this sin just as they do other males. As I understand, this is spreading to all young emosexual males. If your son is an emosexual please talk to him and tell him sodomy is wrong and a one way ticket to eternal damnation.
How can you spot a emosexual? Look for these clues: 1) Dresses in black 2) Wears t-shirts for bands such as Black Veal Brides, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, etc 3) Dies hair black 4) Has long hair covering part of the face 5) Black nail polish 6) Spends inordinant amout of time alone with Male friends

Emosexual kids use "bullying" as an excuse to get normal and pupular kids in trouble, beg for attention, commit self harm, and seek legal protection. But as anyone that has been on christwire in the last year can tell you they are more than happy to bully christians, 81 year old women, and decent folk with normal opinions on morality. But much of the liberal media has bought into this supposed "bullying" facade and are trying to create laws against bullying. As christwire has told you before, we all have been bullied at sometime in our lives, it usually is a manner for the majority of people or noraml people if you will, to teach us what is expected of us to fit into normal society. But the liberal media has scared parents into believing that their kids are going to commit suicide because the jerk football player called their kid "gay". That is just stupid.These kids need to suck it up and try to be adults. And their parents need to stop coddling these little perverts. But instead they are trying to create more laws to arrest normal people and put them in jail. Luckily there are several christian groups out there that are standing up for the rights of the normal people. Lawmakers in Michigan, attempted to add a provision into an anti-bullying bill that would have allowed bullying only on the grounds that it was being done based on a "sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction" but liberal outcry led them to delete that language. Then in Tennessee, law makers tried to make it legal for kids to bully other kids based on their religious preference or even lack thereof. But of course you can't have christian kids in a christian nation trying to teach other hell bound kids about the folly of their sin or damnation. This is the "change" that the Barack obama presidency has brought to us. He is a muslim president and has made it so Christian kids can't teach sinful arab muslims about the joy of Jesus Christ To make it worse Hollywood's elite have gotten together and made a movie named "Bully". It is based on the video game Bully, which is made by the same company as Grand Theft Auto. In the game you are a fat ginger haired kid that goes around and murders kids that supposedly bully him. Just because a kid calls you fat or soulless does not mean that you have the right to murder that person.

Now liberals are up in arms that the MPAA has given the movie which features strong language and violence a R rating. They are whining (like typical emos) that kids will not be able to see this movie. WELL GOOD, I say. To imagine that we want to teach wierd little kids to go around and murder our normal children is unconscionable.

TEXAS ATHEISTS: A Texas atheist group at the University of Texas at San Antonio, is giving away pornography for people that are turning in Bibles and other holy books! It is reported that collegiant perverts are ransacking the campus book store, local motel night stands, and any Gideons looking to get their next porn fix. This is distgusting and sickening. What will these atheists do with the bibles when they are done? Probably burn them. Why is it ok for filthy god haters to do such disrespectful things?

BLACK VEAL BRIDES: Of course the final story I have to report is about Black Veal Brides. This sinful band and their Emosexual pagan pan-ogre god Andy Beersack is at the heart of all that is evil in the world of the emosexuals. This time they are in yet another "cock fight". As I reported before. Banana 101.5 from Flint Michigan is trying to fix homosexual beersack with other homosexuals in the music industry. But this time they have gone to far. They are attempting to set up Beersack and his BVB cronies with members of the good Christian rock group Godsmack, who's name comes from the old testament, where God smack down any one who did other then which he wished.

WHAT'S NEXT: I don't know but rest assured that I am here to help you fight the evils that the world throws at us. Until then stay tuned to Christwire.org. Amen and God Bless!

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