Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Falling In Reverse" A Teen Pop Band of Gay Emosexual Criminals.

Recently a young teen facebook friend contacted me. He was in fear of his immoral soul. It seems that he had unwittingly listened to sinful "music" while at a friends house. This music is from a group called Falling in Reverse. He wanted me to pray for him and get the word out about this band.

Not being a teen emosexual myself, I had two take his word on the band and then do some research on my own. What he told me about the band I could not believe. He told me that the lead singer just got out of jail for murdering someone. I thought this had to be false as Hollywood is an evil place but they would never make a murderer famous. I was so wrong. I guess if you can allow child molesters to make music then you can let anyone do it. I guess you should expect this from a record company named Epitaph.

He, she or it?

It seems that the lead singer, a Ms. Ronnie Radke. was a young transgendered bi-sexual that was previously in the band Escape the Fate, which you have probably never heard of either. In the mid 2000's Radke was living the hard life of a low level rock star, living it up with sex, drugs, and rock & Roll. That is if you can call this trash Rock & Roll. At night he would sing his songs on stage and then have fornicative sex orgies. Like most emosexuals it did not matter what he stuck his sin stick in, man woman child or beast, it didn't matter to him as his drug fueled rage made him oblivious to the wrongs that he was committing.
"Let me show you a trick I learned in prison."

Eventually he formed a homosexual relationship with a male groupie named Chase Rader. When the tour was over, Radke was homeless as he had lost his apartment due to negative record sales. He and Rader wanted to move in together, but there was one problem. Rader lived with another man. The partner would not allow the loss, so Radke and Rader went to the house with friends to beat him up. Little did they know that they're was a party at the house. A giant west side story fight broke out and at the end a Man was shot to death.

Radke used his fame to stay out of jail. The police and prosecutors offered him a generous deal but he escaped until Police caught him in a giant raid that made the local television news. Radke was convicted and sent to jail where he right fully belonged in the first place.

While in prison he converted to muslimism, and after having his anus defiled by countless black men he has recounted his previous state of bisexuality and is a born again homo. Released from jail he has recently formed the new band Falling In reverse. The members of this band are all people that he met in jail. They are touring for their current record called "You're The Drug Inside Me" which is a clear allusion to his renewed and insatiable desire for his sodomy hole to be ravaged. Luckily for your children critics are universally telling us how horrible it is.
"Falling In Reverse simply try too much with The Drug In Me Is You. Odd vocal structures, overdone instrumentation, and appalling lyrics will turn quite a few fans of Radke’s previous work away, or at least those of us who have grown out of his earlier music." "...the outcome is an album that just sounds very forced and unnatural. Another issue is their clear attempt at making it a ‘fun’ album as opposed to being more serious. A final issue with the album is all the revenge on Escape the Fate Ronnie tries to throw in. I could understand a song or two dedicated to his revenge on them, he has been in jail for a few years. But I feel like every song has at least one stab at his former band. The album does have a few redeeming songs but is overall a poor effort..."
Listening to this is a leading cause of the Apocalypse

In a time of Anthony Wieners and other pictures of other wieners floating around the internet and in cellphone messages this homo murderous pervert just doesn't get it. He is encouraging the sinful act of sexting in the song "Sexy, Please text me!!". Other jewels include "Raised By Wolves" and "I'm Not a Vampire" where he weighs in on the Twilight saga, and "Don't Mess With Ouija Boards" where he discusses communing with devil spirits. I just in no way can recommend anything from these people and urge you

STRONGLY to keep yourself and your children away from this filth. SO I rate this smut S for Satanic, Sinister, and Sinful.

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