Monday, February 6, 2017

God Hates Tom Brady: How A Patriot Sold His Soul To The Devil

I was born in 1930 In Atlanta. I have seen many things in my life. But what I saw Sunday night took the cake. The Atlanta Falcon’s with God himself on their side were laying holy waste to the disgusting deceptive New England Patriots. As if any Yankee northerner could ever be a patriot to this great God fearing nation. The score was 28 to 3. The Falcons were winning with God the mighty Jehovah on their side. But then something happened.

Many will say that the Falcons gave up, that they were tired, or that they got complacent. But I say nigh to you reader. Just look at The Great Deceiver Tom Brady sitting on this bench.

Many will say that he was praying. Sure, he was praying alright. But not to God Almighty. NO! He was praying to his dark devil god Satan! Look at him! I have not seen an athlete so full of the devil since Michael Phelps called upon the Beast to launch him into the sinful waters of Brazil’s Olympic swimming pool.

As soon as Brady, a man so despicable he is known to deflate his own balls before a game, called upon the devil, to help him salvage his game. Answering Bray's dark prayer Satan sent invisible Demons to Dallas and slapped the balls out of the Falcons hands and then later took Brady's pathetic passes and delivered them to Patriot receivers with the flaps of their invisible satanic wings.
Speaking of Demons, don't even get me started on that half time show. Lady Gaga looked like some evil demonic star trek character.

This is the first time that I have ever seen a person on televised television sell their soul to the devil. Brady sat there. He asked Satan to help him win. It is the only possible conclusion.

I hope there is an FCC investigation into this. This is worst than that time that the backstreet boy felt up Janet Jackson in the half show. I would never expect Obama's administration to investigate this, but with a decent God loving human man in office as the president of this great nation I hope that we can make sure that nothing like this happens again, and more importantly that the investigation reveals the truth and the superbowl is awarded to the true champions.
The Atlanta Falcons.

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