Monday, April 17, 2017

Atlanta Portal To Hell Opens on I20

If you have been following the news at all then you know that some mighty interesting things have been happening in my once grand city of Atlanta lately.

First some dirty homeless crack heads burned down a whole interstate. Then The next weekend a 3 truck crash shut down another interstate spilling poisons all over the place. The week after that a railroad bridge caught fire. AND now finally a portal to hell it's self has opened up on I20.

That's right. A portal to hell. That idiot muslem mayor Kassim Reed and his lap spokes dogs will tell you it was a gas leak. I even heard that a truck some how did it this morning. Right.

A gas leak. I believe that. A gas leak from hell is what it is. Breathe in that sulfer boys and girls. Have you watched all these Atlanta TV shows? There is skanky whorelot house wifes that don't look real to me. Unless you come from the hood. Then there are all kinds of classless hippity hopper idiots on tv that call Atlanta home. Now there are some little midget whorelots running around. Don't forget all the gangster wrappers running around shooting everyone. And have you walked outside? It is so darn hot out there.

This once great city has now turned into a disgusting cesspool of filth and depravity. Know wonder that Satan himself as opened a door straight to this earth bound hell!

Repent ye Atlanta sinners! For the end is near! Satan has come to take what is his! Soon devils will walk the streets hand in hand with slutty whoreish "housewives". Hip hoppers that sag their pants down will be bent over like the sodomists they are while given the firey spirit of Beelzebub himself!

If you are a good god fearing human being I suggest you take your bibles and all your guns out of the city ass soon as possible. For me I am going up to my cabin in the mountain outside of Calhoun. Only good godly folk live up there. And when them demons knock on my door believe me I'll open it alright. And give them a double barrel of buckshot right in their horny face!

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