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6 Things That Are Wrong With NASCAR

I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but my dear departed husband after returning home from the war, ran moonshine. He was a great driver for a man with only one arm. Thank the Japs for that. In the late 50’s he tried his hand racing in NASCAR. He was never very successful. But it was fun going to the races.
Back then racing was fun to watch. There were great personalities and men acted like men.  The cars actually looked like real cars, and what you bought at the dealership is what you ran on the track. Now, whenever I watch a NASCAR race I fall asleep. Now you can blame that on me being 83 years old, but I know better. I blame it on what they call racing. That is why I have listed the six things that I think is wrong with NASCAR.
Now this is a Stock car.

The Cars:
The cars used to actually be cars. Many of the guys would buy a car, strip it out, soup up the engine a bit and drive it to the track, race it, and drive home. That’s why they called them  STOCK CARS.  Now the cars are not even stock, they are purpose build race cars. The Chevys, Fords, Dodges, and even Toyotas are the same exact thing. The only difference is the front end (which is just stickers) and the engines.
Speaking of engines they aren’t even real engines. Those are race built as well. Nowhere else can you find that engine. It sure as heck doesn’t come in any kind of car you can find at a dealership.  You also can’t go to a dealership to buy a V8 in your Chevy Impala, Ford Taurus or your Toyota Camry. Those cars are V6 and front wheel drive!
This disgusts me on so many levels.

If these are “stock Cars” I want them to be STOCK! What you sell in the dealership should be what you race. If you can’t win with it, then you make it better so you can.
Ignoring technology:
Like most people I remember the olden days fondly. But the truth is that technology now is a good thing. I can write this article, edited it myself with the computer spell checker, post it on the internet and you can read it in mere moments.
Just a couple of decades ago I was typing away at my old trusty typewriter, sending the draft in to editors that sent it to the publishers, having to wait for the printers and then the mail had to send my writings to your door. Technology has made what used to take a month or more just hours.
I loved all of those old cars that my husband had, but I will take a modern car any day of the week. They are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, go like stink when you mash the gas pedal and get good gas mileage.
So why is it that modern NASCAR race cars are still based on technology from four decades ago? The rear suspension is based off a Chevy Truck from the 60s, and the rear end is a Ford piece from the 60s as well. Up until this year they still used carburetors. Those are technology from the early 1900’s. Luckily this year they switched to throttle body fuel injection but that is technology from the 90’s!
Show me the car that this engine comes in.
Last year they attempted a car that they called “The Car of Tomorrow”. Actually with the technology on it, they should have more properly called it ‘The Car of The 1980’s”. But the car was a horrible flop and they changed back to the old car in the second third of the season. 
Danica Patrick:
danica wrecks again
Yet another wreck for Danica!
I am glad that NASCAR is trying to add minorities to the races but I am afraid that using Affirmative Action to put
an ill prepared racer into the league is not a good idea, in fact it is just downright dangerous. She raced in the IRL and CART Indy Cars for years and only won one race. Now they have put her in NASCAR, and I honestly don’t think she has managed to finish even one race. Most of them she wrecked and did not finish (DNF).
Many who support her racing with the big boys point out that she brings a sponsor to the sport. When we are in an economy like this, it makes it hard for race teams to find sponsorship. Unfortunately, her sponsor is GoDaddy a webhosting company that made its name selling shoddy web space to upstart websites.
I think my fellow Christian journalist Chuck D. Finley said it best:
“…they have scantily clad women posed in delicate sexual positions. Think softcore porn plus advertisements. They are disgusting and lead hundreds of thousands of men to self-fornicate every year. She and her company are responsible for the damnation of these men to hell for thinking dirty thoughts and following through with them by spilling their seed into waste cans instead of their wives to create more Christian children.”
Children. That is what it comes down to. Young girls are going to look to Mrs. Patrick, who is proving to be a failure and a whorelot. They are going to learn that you can be considered successful without actually earning your fame through winning or completing a task successfully. They will think that dressing like this will make it Ok to be an otherwise complete failure. But it is not Ok at all
Dale Earnhardt Jr=Over88ed
Dale Earnhardt was a decent racer. Not a very good sportsman or Christian for that matter, always wrecking dale earnhardt jrpeople to win. But he was very successful and popular with the fans. But then a decade ago he died.
His son, that was named after him, soon came out from his father’s shadow and for a time everyone hoped that he would be the next big name in NASCAR racing. But he isn’t. He has been a complete waste of time. He is a fan favorite and hardly wins even a race a year. He is famous only because of his name and who he is. Not what he is, which is NOT a very good race car driver.
To make it worse he is the force behind bringing that Danica Patrick slut to racing! Can you believe that? He is the one to blame for giving her a car to drive.  Oh but he is paying for it. She has wrecked out of just about every race that she has been in this year. Which is just sad and pathetic.
The Homogays:
If you are a fan of christwire, and who isn’t? Then you know that the homogays are never too far behind, when it comes to sin and what is wrong with the world. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they have infiltrated America’s highest sports leagues and NASCAR is no exception.
Years ago, after the movie ‘Days of Thunder’, which starred Tom Cruise as a Yankee race car driver that became a top tier athlete in NASCAR, it was decided that they need a real life Cole Trickle. Race teams took to looking for a little pretty boy to put behind the wheel of a race car.
They finally found him when they found Jeff Gordon, in some hole up north. He filled the bill. He was a pretty boy, short, had a little sissy voice, and liked blondes. But as quick as they sold fan merchandise to red neck race fan hoochie mamas, rumors started to spread that Gordon liked men.  Is it is no small coincidence that his race team is called “The Rainbow Warriors”.
joey legano
Don’t ask where that finger has been.
Now, of course homogays are like roaches and termites. If you’ve got one then you’ve got others. I dare you. Just look at Joey Logano and not picture him wearing a tight pair of pink bike shorts and marching in a pride parade. You know you see it too.
Just like any other sport you have people that aren’t very good, looking to “juice it up” with some steroid concoctions. NASCAR is no different. It got so bad a few years ago that the drivers actually asked NASCAR to start doing random drug tests.
During the time that they started doing drug tests they have caught a few red handed, including:
Jeremy Mayfield: was kicked out of NASCAR in 2009 for a positive drug test. Then to top that in 2011, he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, cops found $100,000 worth of stolen at his house! 
Kevin Grubb: failed a substance abuse test in March 2004. Then in September 2006 he was suspended indefinitely, when he refused to take another drug test after a crash.
A.J. Almendinger: is the latest casualty of the drug testing. It was just released that he tested positive for Amphetamines.
Way to go, I was just starting to like you.
Other drivers: Jack Smith, Aaron Fike, Tyler Walker, Shane Hmiel (three times), Brian Rose and Sammy Potashnick. 
NASCAR has also suspended at least 30 crew members since it implemented random drug testing in 2009. 

Go back home Frenchmen!
It was bad enough when NASCAR allowed Toyota to come into NASCAR with their little Japanese cars, but now we have to deal with Mexicans like Juan Pablo Montoya, Frenchies like Jacques Villeneuve, kangaroo humpers like Marcos Ambrose and Pollocks like Brad Keselowski.
Get a clue NASCAR, toss the trash and bring us the racing that we want and remember!

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