Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wedding Pics from Bruce and Claires Wedding

I just got the wedding pictures that I took with my Kodak 7600 back from CVS. I hate to post pictures before the lovely couple do, but I know that there has been so much controversy here about the couple that I had to post them.

Here is an image of the lovely couple at the wedding rehearsal.

This is a picture of the lovebirds making out after the rehearsal dinner. That is one of Claire’s “friends” with a beer. No Christians participated in drinking that night.

You may now kiss the bride!

Posing for pictures after the kiss

Here is a picture of Claire in her lovely and very fashionable swimsuit at the after party at brother Weisz’s house. Unfortunately he had to refill the pool after she jumped in, further more she obviously had not yet read may article on the Swimsuit Sin Season!
Thanks to the unbelievable technology that abounds today, CVS was able to make a picture showing Bruce and Claire in the future!!!

As you can see here, the love of both Bruce and Jesus Christ has managed to get future Claire to slim down, prolonging the happiness that they will be able to share long into the future!

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