Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WoW: World of Whorecraft

April 2018 Update: Google has threatened to take away my precious ads, because they are offended that I am exposing sin such as this. Google is a hell pit, and I am an elderly lady on a fixed income of only a couple million dollars a year. Stupid liberal commie emos.

May 27, 2011 -
Even if you don’t play it, you have heard of it. Even worse one of your friends or maybe even a child has fallen victim to it’s evil stranglehold. It is marketed as a fantasy game where you play online with characters of Elves, Orks, and Trolls. But my research has uncovered the deep dark secret to World of Warcraft(also referred to as WoW)…and it’s PORNOGRAPHY!!!

Many Christians know that the word “fantasy” often means sex and every one knows what “Role Play” is. It is dressing up like a police officer and beating your partners behind like it was a minority!
With “code words” like that actively being used to describe the game it is no wonder that use of said game has led to such vile and disgusting images as these below.

WARNING:as usual all women and children should be asked to leave the room before viewing any of these images. I can not be held responsible for the eternal souls of weak individuals

In this picture two sinful sluts prepare to pleasure each other with their lesbionic tongues. Obviously not fully immersed in WoW they are still recognizable as human beings.

This dirty Worelot is a little deeper into the Wow world. She is an Elf that is undoubtedly looking for some Ork sin stick to fill her gaping hole of sin.

Here we see a human woman that has fully succumbed to the temptations of World of Warcraft. She has stripped herself bare and applied green paint to make herself look like an Ork, as that is the only way that her 20 something boyfriend can get his Satan Scepter ready for her to commit sin with.
Luckily for humanity and Christiandom most women have enough respect for theirselves that they will not allow themselves to be used as cheap whores for the amusement of computer bound nerds and geeks too addicted to WoW to leave their masturbatoriums in their parents basements. For this level of perversion the nerds have to use computer graphics to design sickening images such as this one.

That’s right images of bestiality and inter-species sexual acts abound on porno sites dedicated to the smut peddling of WoW.


I don’t even know what’s going on here!

In this disturbing image a red headed whore elf is bent over like a common five dollar whore by a green…aquaman…ghost or something…I don’t know what’s going on but it sickens me!

In this final image a buxom young orc is tied up awaiting to be BSDMed by some nerd.
Now your probably thinking that these images are shocking enough, but let me assure you…it only gets worse! These are the most family friendly images I could find! Any image search of “world of warcraft porn” will set your eyes and possibly soul ablaze with images of 3 foot long ork sin sticks filling the massively gaping holes of well endowed female subspecies. Many of the images have the females well endowed flesh treats splattered with the baby gravy of untold creatures.

It is truly sickening and disgusting that our children and young adults are being exposed to this. Worse yet…


That’s right. First you have to pay to buy the game, then you have to buy the expansion packs, and you have to pay for a monthly subscription! You may be paying to have your child’s soul stripped away for outright sale to Satan!!!

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