Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Baltimore Mom Makes Beating Children Popular Again

"Spare the rod, Spoil the child"
-The Bible

It is simple. Children are born idiots and you have to raise them right, to not be idiots. Most children
are not smart enough to understand without beating them. When you don't beat your children they  remain idiots. Worse, they grow up to be idiots.
Mother of the Year. Hero. Baltimore's next Mayor.

The problem happened in the 1960's with those filthy hippies with their free love and doing drugs and listening to Jimmy Hendrix instead of raising their children. That generation of idiots raised a generation of idiots and then that generation is raising the current generation of morons that we have running around, listening to Black Veal Brides and Ludacrist and that Justin Beaver. They are cutting school, theirselves, and burning cop cars and throwing bricks at cop cars.

Children now a days have no respect for God, their elders, or theirselves. They are disgusting godless morons. As a special example  just look at the email I recieved on facebook the other day.

Typical email from an emoron at Sister Susan's facebook page.
That child obviously does not have a parent that cares about them. Which a shame. Because this child needs the hell beaten out of her. Literally. She is full of nothing but hell. Why dont parents beat their children anymore?Well it turns out there is one mother in Baltimore that loves her child enough to beat the hell out of them.

On Tuesday Toya Graham, was at a doctor's office when she saw her son on TV acting like a godless heathen, throwing bricks at police officers and setting fire to cars. What did she do? Did she think "Oh I need to put him in the corner and make him think about what he's done?

No. She went down there, talked to the police and then saw him across the street holding a brick in his hand. Even though he had his face covered she knew it was him. Their eyes locked on one another then she walked over to him and slapped the living hell out of him.
"I bet you won't do that again."

She didn't stop there. She ran after him slapping him until nothing was left but the love of christ and a mother. His mother.

"He knew he was in trouble. He said, 'When I seen you, Ma, my instinct was to run.'"

So you would expect society and the media to tell her she is a bad person for beating the bad out of her son. But no. It is the opposite. People are calling her the "Mother of the Year" and there is even a facebook page calling for her to run for Mayor.

All for doing her job as a mother. Teaching her son what is right and wrong, and beating him when he forgets.

 Amen. We need more mothers like her in this world.

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