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The Devil Down Under: Why God Hates Australia Day

From time to time everyone gets a little voice in their head that tells them to do something. If you are a good and decent person then you know that is the voice of the Lord speaking to you. Recently I heard that voice. It was the voice of Jesus Christ himself telling me how much he hates the Pacific Island Nation of Australia. He wanted me to share with you and the world why he felt this way. For most of us as Americans, what we know about Australia comes from Outback Steak House or Movies. So lets take a moment to see why God is so upset with them. If you doubt that they are inspired by the devil all you have to do is turn to their favorite condiment. What kind of person would eat Vegemite? Here are 12 reasons that You and God should hate Australia

A Sad History:
God made the earth for man. Unfortunately due to a design flaw he put Australia to far away from the bible Land to be settled by decent Christian people first. The first two legged creatures to make it to Australia were highly developed monkeys known as Neanderthals. Many supposedly educated evolutionists consider these creatures to be human, but one look will tell you they are nothing like us. These apes still inhabit Australia and are now known as Aboriginese. For people from the American continents the Aboriginese are the Indians of Australia.

The first white Christian to discover Australia was the Dutchman, Willem Janszoon, in 1606. But in 1770, England rightfully fearing that the United States of America would soon seek and fight for our liberty from that godless island nation of Britain, sent Captain James Cook into the world. He soon found that Australia was a perfect place for England to dump their criminals. On January 26th 1788, fresh off a horrendous butt whooping at the hands of America, England started dumping their criminal population on the deserted island.

A Wussie Independence:
America, a strong moral nation guided by Jesus, won their independence from England by killing thousands upon thousands of British and sending them packing back across the Atlantic. But unlike us, the Aussies, as they like to be known, consider a horrible loss as their defining moment.
American Independence, a REAL independence
In World War I, when the US was busy fighting Germans, the Australians were busy being slaughtered by them. The Aussies and their English and French pals lost the battle of Gallipoli, to Turkish Islamacists. This gave the Turkish people great pride and drove them to continue the war. According to the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs half a million died in that battle, and they consider THIS the defining moment of Australian nationalism?

The fact is, when it comes to Australian independence from England, the English didn’t even want them anymore. Britain’s Statute of Westminster cut ties to Australia, but they didn’t even approve of their independence until 1942. By then Japan was raising its big snake dragon head over the Asian Pacific. Australia turned to it’s big brother America to protect it from a yellow slant eyed butt whooping. Since then they have been our ally and in our shadow like a cute little puppy.

Generations Stolen or Animal Abuse?
As I stated before the Great Apes known as the Aboriginese are a species scientifically known as Neanderthals. They are often confused as humans. Some have a very limited vocabulary but most communicate in grunts and howls. Starting in the late 1800’s the offspring from these creatures were taken to be educated. This was a horrible social experiment by misguided anthropologists who wanted to teach them language. As anyone that has a dog (as myself) knows, you can teach a dog tricks but you can not teach them to be a man.
They even come in Ginger.

Bonzer Racists:
During research for this article I was surprised to find that, Australia is possibly the most racist country on the planet. No wonder God hates them so much.

Their first racism was perpetrated upon the Neanderthal Aboriginese. It is estimated that there were as many as 750,000 of them when the British Criminals began to infest the island. Now there are only a few thousand. Then came a century of reeducation camps and stolen land from these Aboriginese. Even today, the government is often sited as being racist against the Aboriginese.

According to a report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission minorities are often afraid to play sports because they are afraid to be picked on.
The next racism came down upon the Chinese. The British Criminals did not want the Chinamen on their island because:
…their large numbers, their religious beliefs and the view that they habitually engaged in gambling and smoking opium. It was also felt they would lower living standards, threaten democracy and that their numbers could expand into a “yellow tide”.
Later racism was aimed at the Japanese, after defeating China in the Sino-Japanese War, South Asians and Kanakas also known as South Pacific islanders. At the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, Australia blocked Japan from adding a racial-equality amendment to the League of Nations Covenant.
One of the first Acts after the federation of Australia in 1901 was the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, to prescribe where migrants to Australia were accepted from. This in part became the basis for the White Australia Policy. This policy also stemmed from resentment of Chinese immigrants that had developed on the Australian gold fields from the 1850s. Fear of military invasion by Japan, the threat to the standard of living presented by the cheap but efficient Asian laborers, and white racism were the principal factors behind the White Australia movement.
Pauline Hanson, was a member of the Australian Federal Parliament from 1996 to 1998. In her first speech to Parliament, she stated that “a multicultural country can never be a strong country”, that Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”, and that those immigrants “have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate”. She later formed the One Nation Party. In 2006, she told the world that “Africans bring disease into Australia”.
In 2005, what has become known as the Cronulla Riots erupted in Sydney.

They began when approximately 5,000 Australians began to protest Middle Easterners. During the riot the white crowd chased a man into a hotel and two youths were assaulted on a train. The next night saw more assaults and police shut down the beach and parts of Wollongong and Newcastle.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in a report in 2005
…expressed concern about the abolishment of The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC); proposed reforms to Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission that may limit its independence; the practical barriers Indigenous peoples face in succeeding in claims for native title; a lack of legislation criminalizing serious acts or incitement of racial hatred in the Commonwealth, the State of Tasmania and the Northern Territory; and the inequities between Indigenous peoples and others in the areas of employment, housing, longevity, education and income.
As recently as 2009, Indian students in Australia protested, repeatedly having crimes and abuse perpetrated on them by Australians. Thousands of students gathered outside the Royal Melbourne Hospital where one victims was admitted. The Chinese government got involved, because they have approximately 130,000 students in Australia.

The Dingo Aborted My Baby:
Abortion is perfectly legal in Australia. There is no law anywhere in Australia that requires the father to be notified that the slut of a mother is going to murder his child. There is no enforced waiting period for an abortion and a minor is also not required to obtain parental consent or notification to have their baby aborted. In fact, this baby murdering nation has state funded abortion! They will refund your cost to murder your child, under their Medicare government-funded public health ponzi scheme. Even a socialist like Obama would never do something like that!

Fortunately there are a few Pro-life groups in Australia, But the public seems perfectly happy with the status quo of baby murdering infanticide, even politicians avoid the topic. It is estimated that there were an average of 75,700 Medicare-funded abortions performed each year from 1995–2004. It is statistically projected that 73,300 abortions are performed nation-wide a year, although some statistics state that it could be more. Tony Abbott, as the health minister at the time, stated that in 2004, at least 100,000 women choose to murder their children annually.

Throw Another Stingray On the Barbie, Just Deserts for Animal Abuse:
Steve Irwin, was a man that propelled animal abuse to new heights, He even created an animal television show that was shown in America on the Animal Planet network where he liked to go around the country and harass crocodiles in their native habitat. He would wrestle with them and then drag them back to his lair known as Beerwah, which he named for his favorite beverage. Beer. He loved to drink Fosters beer which I am told tastes like cold carbonated urine. I am also told that it tastes even worse than Canadian beer.

Irwin’s county men proudly referred to him as Crocodile Dundee. Even making a movie of his life in the 1980’s. At his Beerwah, he would put on shows where the crocodiles and other assorted animals would perform for his amusement. It was at one of these performances that he dangled his son Bob in front of a hungry Croc. The incident prompted the Queensland government to change its crocodile-handling laws, banning children and untrained adults from entering crocodile enclosures.

A 2000 FedEx commercial showed Irwin lightheartedly getting a snakebite and FedEx shipping the anti venom. But FedEx was no where to bee seen in September 2006, when Irwin was fatally stabbed in the chest by a Stingray off the Great Barrier Reef.

God gives us as humans, free will. He gives us the right to say, do, and think whatever we want. Of course with limits and damnation as a punishment under the right circumstances. But that is not good enough for Australia. It is said that Censorship in Australia is the strictest in the civilized western world.

The Federal Parliament has the power under the Australian Constitution to make laws banning free speech. Under their power the federal government censors television and radio, the internet, and under their customs power, the import/export of printed matter, audiovisual recordings and computer games. Because the federal Parliament can not criminalize domestic printed matter (books & newpaper), the States and Territories pass their own laws criminalizing books.

Today, the Australian government censors things through their Classification Board, which operates independently of the Federal Government. All films, videos, computer games, and magazines are required to be submitted to this body, made up of “community representatives” who are appointed by the government for three or four-year terms. Failure to obtain classification from them is effectively being banned. The distribution and exhibition of such films is a criminal offense that carries a fine of up to $275,000 (Aussie dollars) and/or 10 years in prison! Just for watching and showing friends a movie they deem offensive. I bet they would probably consider “The Passion of the Christ” too offensive since they are such a sinful people!

Television is regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority or ACMA. But while researching this article I found that Australian TV is very perverse and borders on the pornographic. For instance there is a tv show known as Underbelly. This show has frequent offensive language and sex (including anal rape i.e. sodomy!). In one episode there was a drug addled prostitute orgy. During this orgy scene a song called “F**ken Awesome” by a band known as Spiderbait played. They even allow full frontal nudity on TV. Free over the Air TV!!!

So if they allow this trashy smut porno on TV what do they not allow? Well that is simple. Every thing that is right and wonderful with Christianity and capitalism. For instance Lawyers can not advertise on television. Also books will be banned if they are deemed offensive to certain segments of the population. I can only imagine that the bible has been banned and if it hasn’t already been, the Christwire handbook will probable be soon. Australian customs officials routinely seek and seize books imported privately by individuals.

This nation, that is so contemptuous of free speech also has a banned website list. Sites are added to a list that is sent out to companies to add to their filtering software. This software is made available by internet service providers and the government. As of the writing of this, the filtering software is not required to be used by law by any individual but there have been attempts to make it so.

You are probably thinking that I included everything that I could find, but you would be wrong. I in fact have left out a lot. For further reading please click the following sites:
Internet Censorship & Civil Liberties in Australia
Internet Censorship Laws in Australia
Censorship and Classification in Australia

If God’s hate is not yet evident to you, then feast your knowledge on this. From what I see looking at Australia, when it comes to Gods creation, it was late in Gods creation work week and he was getting tired. God sent his mistakes there, just look at the weird animals that populate Australia such as the koala, kangaroo, platypus, Emu and the Aboriginese.

The Platypus is gods creation, and it is not my intention to slight this stupid creature in any way, but just look at it. It is so silly that many people use it as an example of God’s sense of humor. And the fact that he put that creature in only one place on earth shows us that place is a joke to him. Why would god create a creature that is an egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal? It is so weird looking Europeans didn’t even believe that it existed for years!

The Platypus isn’t the only weird looking animal, there is a tiny bear that hangs out in trees all day and gets high on eucalyptus, a rat the size of a dog known as the Tazmanian Devil, giant birds the size of a man that look like Big Bird from American TV, named the emu. There is also the giant hopping possum known as the Kangaroo with big powerful bottom legs and little tiny useless legs up top.

Lets not forget the Thylacine, a marsupial the size of a large dog. This strange creation of God was hunted to extinction, just as the Australian Government is trying to do with the Dingo. The government puts out traps filled with poison called 1080, so that the dingos will slowly die on the plains of Australia’s desert. What kind of humans would do that to such a regal creature as Gods creation of the wild dog?

But second only to the platypus, the strangest creature found in Australia is the Kiwi. It is a little fat bird with porcupine quills and a beak that looks like it belongs to some kind of insect. Stranger yet it is a bird that can’t fly just like its giant sized cousin the Emu.

A Backward Land Down Under
In this godless land, Toilets flush backwards and tornadoes spin backwards. Explain to me, how that happens without the devil some how being involved! With the exception of Antarctica, Australia is the most southern continent, that means that they are the closest to Satan. Even more backward than the physics there, is the Australian’s feeble grasp of the English Language. An Aussie is almost impossible to communicate with. It’s like talking with a French Canadian. Sure they know some of the words but just when you think they get it, they just make up stuff.

They take real words and shorten them to one syllable (Aussies are monosyllabic) and add “O” to it. For instance, they take the work ambulance and ruin it by making it “Ambo”. Or “arvo” for afternoon. Who even talks like that?

Cinematic Disasters
The Aussies like to think that they have a decent film culture and like to try to spread it around the world. The first Australian movie that most are exposed to are the Mad Max movies. Before Mel Gibson escaped from Australia and became an American, he starred in these movies. Mel Gibson is probably the best thing to ever come out of Australia. Since leaving the land that he was so unfortunate to be born in, he has stared in many great American movies and have even written and produced some American classics, such as the greatest American Christian movie ever filmed. The Passion of the Christ.

But not all Australian actors can be as fortunate as Mel Gibson to leave their homeland for brighter shores. For these actors they have to act in movies such as Crocodile Dundee. This horrible movie is based on the life of animal rights abuser Steve Irwin.

Most recently, the last Australian movie to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting American public is the movie “Australia”. It starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. The whole movie is about an English whorelot that cheats on her recently deceased husband with an Aussie cow boy. As far as I am concerned the Island Nation of Australia and their film board as well as 20th Century Fox owe me $60, which is what I wasted in taking myself and a few of the Great Grand kids to see that horrible movie.

The best Australian movie isn’t even an Australian movie. In 1990 Great American actor Tom Selleck stared in “Quigley Down Under”. This movie involved an American cowboy that that goes to Australia to kill Australians. This is a great movie

But the worst Australian movies ever, are the Lord of the Rings. These movies are based off of the books that were written by J.R. Token. They are full of magic, sex and violence as well as the love of Gold rings. As if the first three were not bad enough they are now making a fourth movie.
Perhaps Australian movies would be better if they didn’t have censorship.

Homosexual Past Times:
Australians like to play sports but just like their weird animals and language they just can’t be like everyone else. Their favorite sport is Rugby. In Australia they have the Rugby league and the Rugby Union and even a National Rugby League. For Americans, rugby is much like American Football but much gayer.

They also play a game known as cricket. Cricket (not to be confused with the animal) is played in countries that were not brave enough to win their freedom from England. In the way that Rugby is the gay football, cricket is the gay baseball. Players have bats and hit balls. If you thought baseball was boring then wait until you see a cricket game. A game of cricket it can take as long as 5 days to have a game finally end! Every other year Australia plays a game of cricket with their favorite nation, mother England. This is called “The Ashes”, Australia is so bad at playing at this sport that they have only won one of The Ashes in the last decade. Losing to England is a great embarrassment. But since they were never brave enough to stand up for their independence it is not too surprising that they lose all the time.

And of course like all non-American nations they love to play Soccer. Speaking of Un-American, America has a great national motorsport called NASCAR, but the best the Aussies can do is something called the Touring Car Championship. Instead of specialized race cars they are normal cars with normal engines. As Americans we drive cars like that on a local level, not a national one!

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