Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sister Susan's Music Review: Big K.R.I.T.

After some of the fall out of the many articles on music groups that we find sinful, I made a personal promise that I would find a another music group that I found to be a positive christian act that the youth could listen to. I received many suggestions but found them all to have horrible messages. Some of which were hidden messages, that I had to try playing backwards. That is not as easy now as it used to me in the 1970's and 80's. Back then you were dealing with a needle on vinyl. With today's technologies you are dealing with deadly lasers, and computer files. How do you even play a computer file backwards?

I finally found an artist that I approve of. I was on Youtube researching an Anti-American Islamacist Jihadist wrapper named 2Pak-is-Stan when I discovered a wrapper from the Godly southern State of Mississippi. He is a young afro-black that goes by the name if Big K.R.I.T.

After some research I found that his name stands for:

His latest album is "Return of For Ever", a clear reference to the impending Return of Christ. I love his song "The Vent". In it he talks about God's will, and why some people lose faith in the ever lasting lord. In his song "Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Encouraging Racism" He discusses his wish to over come the violence so commonly endemic to his race. Other songs with strong spiritual over tones are "Free My Soul", "Get right", and "Lions and Lambs".

Unfortunately, like most wrap music, I don't understand most of what he is saying as I do not fluently speak the afro-ebola language. But from what I heard on youtube, I conciser this album to be very "cranked" and is definitely the "sizzle". I think those are terms that afro-youth use to describe wrap music...forgive me if my use of them is considered racially offensive. Speaking of offensive, please black people do not drive through my neighborhood playing this as loud as you can, as there are no "hoocies" for you to "hit dat" with. Drive and listen responsibly.

As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below and to communicate with me personally add me as a friend on facebook.