Wednesday, March 12, 2014

British Gypsy Whorelots Infect American TV

A new show called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” has spread like gonorrhea at a homogay convention, from the BBC’s Channel 4 to the expecting American Airwaves of TLC. This vile filth follows a family of gypsies that are marrying off their sinful underage daughter to a similarly sinful male gypsy. In each episode we see the young gypsy girls dressed as common whorelots.

As you can see from an early age they teach the girls to be sluts.

The internet tells us:
Travellers are a group of people who are, or were once, nomadic. Gypsies are similar because of their lifestyle, but they’re usually of Romani origin whilst most Travellers are Irish or English. Travellers didn’t mind being called gypsies until the word ‘gypo’ became a common insult.
Mainly they have strong Catholic values with a somewhat conservative view of the world. They’re faithful to their own traditions and customs with religion playing a very important part life. Homosexuality is greatly frowned upon. Honour means a great deal in this community, particularly when it comes to sex outside marriage. A Traveller man will expect his wife to be a virgin when they get married. A woman who has lost her virginity won’t have an easy job finding a husband in the Traveller community. That’s why young Traveller girls have such a strict upbringing, being closely watched by their families, never left alone with another man to make sure their honour is never called into question.
That all sounds good until you see them dressed as street walkers! Where does that come from?
Most people are familiar with the very distinct fashion of a young Traveller girl; fake tan, hooped earrings, short skirts and belly tops adorn many a Traveller teenager. Some may say their dress is provocative but it’s very much a case of ‘look but don’t touch’. These ladies are proud of their bodies and comfortable in themselves and see no reason to stay covered up, they’re looking out for a husband and want to look their best.
That is the answer of the internet, my answer is the obvious one…SATAN!

Would you marry this?

Now we all know the popular history of the Gypsy. Roving gangs foreigners who steal things and spread their ideas of free love and demonic fortune telling.

Young Gypsy girls undergoing whore training
TLC aren’t just bringing My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding over from the UK—they’ve also started development on a series about gypsies and travelers in the United States…there is an estimated population of 1 million gypsies and travelers living in the US—mostly dispersed through the south. “The series will reveal the everyday lives and the age-old customs that make up their family and social dynamics.
Thank you again TLC for destroying America’s Fundamental Ideals.
This link is a typical clip of the show

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