Friday, March 28, 2014

Miami Bath Salts Lead to Sodomy Induced Zombie Apocalypse

May 29, 2012 - On Friday the police responded to the 911 call that two naked men were fighting on a bike path along the Causeway, which was packed with traffic for Memorial Day weekend. The fight was taking place at the causeway exit near the Miami Herald building, which had a security cam recording that you saw yesterday on Adam Nelsons article.

When the police officer finally responded around 2 pm he found a naked man lying on top of the other naked man eating his face. The officer saw what the man was doing, and ordered him to stop. The man growled at the officer, and then returned to eating the victims face, mainly his victim’s nose and eyeballs. The officer then used his service weapon and shot the man, but the gunshot had no effect. Other sources confirmed that the man refused to obey, and continued his attack.

The surveillance video from The Herald shows two men lying nude and partially obscured by the MetroMover track. One man is motionless, but the other, presumably the man whose face was attacked, can be seen flailing his legs in pain. Although the attacker had been shot and the obvious pain the victim must have been in, to have his nose, eyes and face eaten, the paramedics were not seen attempting to rescue him. Probably because they knew that he was infected with the zombie plague and was now a carrier and would soon turn himself.

But one has to wonder why was the zombie and victim naked? SODOMY. Sodomy is at the heart of ALL evil. If anything is going to turn a normal man into a souless creature that must eat human flesh for sustenance then it is sodomy. Or emosexual music.

But of course the liberal media is telling us otherwise.
Armando Aguilar, head of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, said drugs are at the root of the attack.

“We have seen, already, three or four cases that are exactly like this where some people have admitted taking LSD and it’s no different than cocaine psychosis. Extremely strong, I took care of a 150 pound individual who you would have thought he was 250 pounds. It took six security officers to restrain the individual.

homogay zombie
Doctor Paul Adams says similar cases have show up in the ER, and that a new LSD commonly called “bath salts” is behind it. Adams said, the drug can raise a persons body temperature so high that logic and the ability to feel pain are lost; then delirium sets in and that often leads to death.

“We’ve had several deaths,” Dr. Adams said. “Earlier last year, we probably saw our first death from bath salts where people were running on or under the MacArthur Causeway being chased by the police and then all of the sudden just collapsing.”

You can decide for yourself. But I have seen a lot of zombie movies over the years and watch The Walking Dead. I know zombies when I see them and this isn't a crack head that wants to take a bath. 

This is a homogay zombie that wants to sodomize you and eat your brains.
miami zombie

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