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Disney Confirms Jar Jar Binks for Star Wars 7

For the last year the internet has been on fire with rumors of who will and wont be in the next Star Wars movie. Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas and has been working to get another movie trilogy into theaters. Many of the original cast has signed on to be in the movie.
Jar Jar Binks to appear in next SW movie
Jar Jar Binks to appear in next SW movie

This week Disney announced that Jar Jar Binks will be in the next movie.

Jar Jar has been the most controversial Star Wars character since Lucas changed the first movie to show Han Solo not shooting first. Binks was a completely CGI figure in the newer trilogy. Many largely looked at the figure as at best a comedy prop showcasing what Lucas could do with CGI, not what he should do with CGI; at worse the character was looked at as a potentially racist figure with a stereotypical sing song African American dialect.

Binks portrayed a lost foolish creature in the first movie that befriended young Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader). In the second movie Binks was elevated to a Galactic Senator and was used as a puppet by Chancellor Palpetine to rest power from the Senate and to Palpatine, who soon turned the Galaxy into his own Empire.

Because of this, Binks is more than just an insult to Star Wars Fans (known as Trekies) but is also seen as the fool that plummets the Galaxy into a fascist Empire that corrupts the various star systems for decades. So it’s a very unusual move for Disney to bring back such a controversial character.
It is rumored that in the next movie, it will be revealed that Binks has stayed in touch with many of his Senate contacts and has kept an eye one the work of Luke Skywalker and Princess Liah who have worked to turn the galaxy back to a peaceful state. Binks is looked at as an elder statesman and offers to lend his help to the struggling republic.

Star Wars 7 is scheduled to be released this December.

CORRECTION: In the last few hours it has been brought to the authors attention that Star Wars fans are not called Trekies (Those in fact are Star Trek fans). Star Wars fans are actually called Fettians after a minor character from the first few movies. Also Princess Liah should properly be spelled Leah.

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