Sunday, February 1, 2015

Micheal Bay On Transformers 5: “Optimus Dies, Rodimus Rules”

I recently had a moment to sit down with hit Hollywood director Micheal Bay. Bay is a big commodity in Hollywood now as he is coming off of his big summer hit Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, and is about to release another big summer blockbuster Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT).

But it was neither movie that he wanted to talk about with us. When I brought up what might be in store for the next installment of Transformers he became an excited Chatty Cathy.

optimus-prime-jpg “I am so excited about that movie. I am always about my next big hit. Transformers 4 just hit and TMNT is about to hit. But what is foremost in my mind is what I am going to do to Transformers next. I have guys working on the script now and it is almost done. We will start filming in a few months and I am excited” Bay told us.

I asked Bay what surprises might be in store and he had this to say: “We are shaking it up. Big changes. We took some elements from the 80′s movie in this last one and it was a big hit. We made what? $300 million opening weekend? People love it. So we are going to borrow a little more for the the next movie.”

Bay is alluding to the 1986 animated movie ‘The Transformers:The Movie‘. The movie takes place ironically  in the future, in 2005, 20 years after the events of the TV series’ second season.

“Kids that watched that movie are the same ones that are buying tickets and bringing their kids to see my movies. I want to give them what they had then. But bigger! I want them to see that movie in real life and be like WHOA!” said Bay.

Micheal Bay discusses Transformers 5, Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime and Quinisans.
Micheal Bay discusses Transformers 5, Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime and Quinisans.
Pressed for more details Bay revealed this: "Optimus Prime has served his time. He is old news. He dies heroically in battle, but it is time for leadership to be passed on to a new generation. We will be introducing a new Autobot known as Hot Rod. He is young and hip and sometimes doesn’t think things through, just like Bumblebee. But he will have to learn how to lead what remains of the Autobots against Galvatron and his army of Decepticons.”

Shocked by the huge scoop that I had just received I pressed a little further. In the latest movie, It is hinted that Optimus Prime left Earth to find his makers. Does he find them before he dies?

“Oh yeah, of course. That’s where the movie starts. Prime makes it to the creators known as the Quintessons. They are less than pleased to see him and well I can’t give you the whole movie. But that is where he meets Hot Rod who later becomes Rodimus Prime.” said Bay.

Not being much of a fan of any of the movies, I am not an expert but my grand children were big fans of the 1980′s TV Show. I did manage to retain some of the preteen blabberings that I heard back then.  I asked him if he were afraid that the movie would backfire on him as all the kids back then were sad about Optimus Primes death.

“NO! Optimus is old news. Rodimus rules!” Bay replied.

I asked Bay if this was like the other movies where he died only to be brought back later on and Bay said this, ” No. Optimus is dead. For good. As long as I am behind the movies. Case closed.”

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