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Fast Food: Could Your Fish Sandwich Be Radioactive?

In March of 2011, a giant tsunami hit Japan, crippling the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant. Since that time the nuclear plume has been slowly spreading across the Pacific Ocean, even as tons of irradiated debris has been washing up on the west coast of the united states. Every time this radioactive debris washes up on our shore it carries thousands of radioactive invasive species, which have to be destroyed by special scientists.

De Jesus shows off a possibly mutated catch.
De Jesus shows off a possibly mutated catch.
So you would think that as an American Consumer you would be safe. But you are not. It has recently come to my attention that several fast food chains could be selling poisonous fish.

Juan Ortiz De Jesus, is a fisherman from California, everyday he wakes up and takes to the sea. He works for a company called Southern Pacific Fisheries (SPF). The company has a fleet of trawler ships that catch thousands of tons of fish a day. This fish haul is then sold to plants that process the fish. From there the fish is divided by quality into lots, with high quality fish being sold to high price restaurants, fish markets and grocery stores. Low quality fish is sold to fast food chains to be further processed into their fast food fair.

The problem comes as De Jesus tells us; “At the beginning of the year we started to notice that many of our catches looked sick, some were very weird. Like they had big bumps on them and more fins than they should have. We were not sure what it was. The company called some scientists. They said that the fish were poisoned by the radiation from Japan. They thought they could not sell the fish. The processing plant refused to buy our fish. I thought I was out of work. But an accountant at the company found a new place to sell our fish. So I kept my job. Now I work everyday.”

As it turns out the place that the SPF found to sell the fish, was directly to many of the fast food companies. At this time we can not name any of the companies for legal reasons. But we did talk to  Nueva Jimenez, spokesperson  of SPF.

Would you knowingly eat this?
Would you knowingly eat this?
“You are correct. We are selling fish thought to be irradiated by the Fukishima disaster, but our scientists have assured us that the fish is perfectly safe in small amounts. We will not name names and we do not recommend that you eat it every meal. But one or two a week will not hurt you at all. We sell a safe product and so do our clients” said Jimenez.

We also spoke to Tammy Gudentite, a fast food industry watchdog who had this to say, “Of course it’s happening. I have been trying to get this story out for months but no one is listening. Why do you think that every fast food chain has a fish sandwich now? It’s because they are getting the meat super cheap. They are poisoning Americans to boost their profit margins. Why do you think that fast food chains that are known for roast beef are serving fish now?”

Her website Fast Food Watch keeps a close eye on the fast food industry, in fact her website first broke the story of “Pink Slime“. She first reported on this story in late January, but the main stream media has largely ignored the story.

A web search of “new fish sandwich” has over 18 million web results, so why are so few of these reporting on this possible danger? Ad revenue, that’s the answer. All websites and news outlets use ad revenue to pay the writers, editors, web designers, site owners, etc. What website or news outlet wants to lose that money? Well I think this is a story that needs to be told, and shared.

So the question is, is that fish sandwich you ordered safe? The answer, Probably not.

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