Sunday, February 1, 2015

Velveeta Riots Lead To Injuries

It has been confirmed that several East Coast cities experienced the nations first Velveeta Riots this weekend. New York City, and Pittsburgh suffered through relatively tame riots with only minor injuries in one of two grocery stores. But Boston, home of the New England Patriots, had a much larger riot at one local area Shaw’s Supermarket.

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Last week Kraft Food executives admitted that some of the nations fears were true, that there was a Velveeta shortage on the East Coast. Many worried that the shortage would negatively impact tailgating and football parties. Many worried that the supposed shortage was a ploy to drive up demand right before the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl. Well this weekend all of those fears came to a head.
Police and B.F. D. were called to this Boston Area Shaw's for a Velveeta Riot.
Police and B.F. D. were called to this Boston Area Shaw’s for a Velveeta Riot.

The worst riot was in the Boston area suburb of Barrington. At approximately 3 pm Saturday afternoon, a crowd of Patriots fans entered into the store, when customers found that the popular cheese product, that is often used in dips was out of stock they rushed to the customer service area demanding more Velveeta. As the angry crowd rushed to the front of the store more and more customers joined the crowd

It is reported that the store manager had to jump on top of the customer service desk to announce that they were sold out of Velveeta and that there was no more. “Not in the back and not even in the Shaw warehouses, all Velveeta is on back order”.

It is at this point that details get fuzzy. But Police spokesman, Tim Flock says that angry customers began throwing the contents of their carts and baskets at the manager, a few glass bottles of salsa thrown form the back of the crowd hit some of the people in the front. Eventually punches were thrown and a full riot was in gear.

By the end of the melee the store’s electric doors were ruined, the manager was in critical condition, 47 people were injured, 23 of which were sent to the local hospital including the store manager, and almost 60 were arrested or being held for questioning by Police.

As many users on Twitter call this #Cheesepocalypse, this crime escapade is the sum of all our fears. As the NFL playoffs near, and lest we forget the Super Bowl, what further incidences of Velveeta Riot can we expect? How bad will this get? Most importantly, is it worth it for processed cheese product?

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