Sunday, February 1, 2015

Santa’s Elf Caught Stealing PS4s

Saturday – Police were called to a warehouse in a commercial district in Los Angeles. When they arrived they were shocked by what they found.

Dock workers had reported suspicious events occurring around a shipping container as soon as it entered port. Workers notified the police who then set up surveillance around the container day and night. Finally this Saturday morning at 3:31 AM their net ensnared the guilty party.

This shipping container containing PS4s was broken into.

“I walk in guns drawn and there’s this midg…short person… what ever – there is a four foot tall guy that has busted up in a shipping container, and he’s pulling out Play Station 4s (PS4). I yell, STOP. POLICE. PUT  YOUR HANDS UP, YOU’RE UNDER ARREST. This guy turns around and he is the craziest looking guy I have ever seen. ” said Detective Andy Sipowitz, arresting officer on the case.

Égion Saerdir, reportedly of the North Pole, was found in the possession of the stolen material. When booked he was found to be of pale skin, 3 foot 4 inches in height and dressed in green. He also has long pointed ears. The police were baffled until he explained that he was an elf from the North Pole.

National Report spoke with Mr. Saerdir after making bond, he had this to say, “Times is hard. There is a international recession going on. Santa has had to lay off elves and there is no way that we are set up to make something as technological as this, and those damned Japs would never license it to us. God I hate the Japanese. So you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s like that. Kids want it and if we don’t get good kids the toys they deserve they stop believing in Santa, then Jesus, and then they are only a step away from shooting up a school! WHO IS THE REAL CRIMINAL HERE?”
Results from the drug test are not yet in.
Results from the drug test are not yet in.

The PS4 is a popular game console, sold by Sony Corporation, a Japanese corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is primarily focused on electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services.
Kazuo Hirai,President and CEO of Sony Corp. Had this to say of the break in, “We no drop charges. We no make toys for free.  Sony corporation, we make money. You want PS4, You pay for it. We see you in court. We tell fat man many time, you no get for free. Now he send creepy thief henchmen. Bah hum bug!”

After several unreturned phone calls we finally managed to talk with Santa Clause, or “The Fat Man” as Mr. Hirai, referred to him.

“The North Pole had nothing to do with this crime. I reward the good, how can I do that while condoning crime? Égion, is a poor misguided youth. I just took him on last year. He has had a hard life. You see in 1995 my sled was shot down over Kosovo. Égion’s father was with me. That was a tough night. Only me, and Blitzen survived. Australia and most of Asia didn’t get their presents until January that year. Not many people know about that night.” said Santa.

When asked about the North Poles relationship with Sony, he had this to say: “Ugh. Everytime it is the same thing with those people. They roll out a new game platform and every kid on the planet wants one. There are what… 8 billion people on earth. Maybe a quarter of that is kids, maybe a tenth of that is good enough to be worthy on one. That is still millions and millions of children. Sony hasn’t even made that many yet. And to make it worse they roll them out right before Christmas. So every kid expects one. So it drives up the cost. I mean my God have you looked at craigslist? People are asking for $500 or more for them! It’s ridiculous."

When asked for comment on Mr. Clauses comments Mr. Hirai had this to say; “What he mean ‘those ‘those people’?”

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