Friday, August 3, 2012

Fan Mail From Faceboook

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    • you're a hateful ignorant woman. You maybe should educate yourself before you start judging countries or people.
    • You are a dirty whorish woman. Maybe you should close your mouth as well as your legs. Maybe if you behave like a lady then maybe a man will love you.
    • LOL i love you
    • you are a bit of a flip flopper. I hope you arent thinking of getting me to be a lesbian.
    • thats exactly what im doing, i love grandma pussy.
    • well good for you and your aged cat.

      Cristy PelletierHi Susan! My name is Christy Pelletier from Northern Maine. I get a kick out of your site, some things I agree with and some things I'm not sure but nevertheless, I thought your response to the Police officer that day was so funny and I shared it with people. I personally feel that if you are a true Christian then you should probably let God handle these people and you never know what they are feeling and going through in their lives that make them do the things they do..Only God should Judge and he is a Compassionate and MERCIFUL God. I am certainly not bashing you because I feel you bring up good topics that make people think but some things like for example the post about Mexican and Black men only wanting fat women, to me it sounds like a Judgamental site more than a Christian one..Anyways, have a Wonderful day and love your site..very amusing.

  • It is always nice to hear from people that aren't rude.

    • Wow your stupid. Andy is NOT dead. And wtf is "Emo sexual." XD XD XD XD

      Susan B. Xenu
    • Its laughing
    • Its funny in the article about australia you pretty much show no intelligence about us at all. I really just want to point out firstly that we dont have a president... we have a prime minister... and the fact that in WW2 we where the first to stop the japanese advance, and the japanese high command including admiral yamamoto all concluded that the invasion of Australia would have ended in defeat (btw the allies would have lost north africa if not for the Aussies at tobruk) and the reason we failed so hard at gallipoli and other theatres was becasue of our stupid british commander (haig) look at the battle of beersheba for true aussie fighting

      Aussie fighting? The only thing you people are good at is drinking and dying. You are no Americans.
    • Oh my freaking gawd, I was reading the comment section on CW abd saw the photo of L.N. you got from FB. I laughed so hard that I thought I was gonna have an anurysm. Thanks for the LOL.

      You're welcome dear. I am so glad that you enjoy the page so much and that I could bring joy to your day. Thank you sweetie.

      Haylee Zeringue
    • You call yourself a christian ?? Yet you go bash people.. how do you expect them to find Christ if hypocrits like you make rude comments?? I used to love Falling In Reverse AND Black eil Brides, but am now a Christian, and I know those secular bands are no good for re. Nobody needs your ignorance. Remember he is still one of God's children and you broke God's heart by smashing Andy Biersack. All yoou can do is pray for his deliverence instead of being rude. You really inangered me. You seriously have issues.

      One of my favorite things to do is ignore emos and see how long they will continue writing me pointless emails...

      And i used to be emo, but found out God loves me, God doesnt hate england btw he loves everyone.. you seriously just made me cry. All I can say is God loves you.

      ...was it over? of course not!

      2nd Corinthians 10:12
      If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.

      How sweet, they looked up a bible verse for me on the internet!

    • You'r articles are pure gold.

      thank you dear

    • hi susan, i recently read your article on the miami "zombie" attack... i will start off first of all, i am a Christian and am in school for ministry. with that being known i completely disagree with basically everything in your article. on top of that, the talks you have had with people in that article i feel that you are not being a light for Christ. how can you say that sodomy (and by that sounds like you meant all gay people) is at the heart of all evil? homosexuality is a sin yea, thats correct... but it is not held as being a greater sin than any other. i am writing you out of love and accountability.

      My reply:
      God tells us in the bible that being gay is an ABOMINATION. How do you not get that?

      • that is the old covenant before Jesus died for us.

    • Look, I know you're trying to follow God and whatnot, but calling people homogay fags and emofags doesn't sound like the wisdom of an 80 yr old sister. It sounds like some 13 year old punk who got his feelings hurt. God made all humans in his image, so we shall love all our neighbors. I'm 17, and treat people with more respect than you. I'll pray for you.

      For the record I have never used the word f@g, I defy you to find where I have.

    • I'm not quite sure whether you may be a troll, or an actual person, but I do know this. Your rants and replies towards bronies are a fantastic example of how to be a good troll. Whether or not you do this on purpose, I enjoy the humor in the obnoxiousness of the persona you assume.

      Why do people always imply that I am an evil monster that lives under a bridge?

    • Please explain for your followers, the hardships that Japan is experiencing with earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and now tornadoes. There must be something divine at play here.

      they have a long history of sinful evilness.

    Artiom Lisin
    • I just read your article about bronies. Really stupid if you ask me, God does not exist and it's all in your mind. Why the fuck do you care if people are gay? Not saying I'm gay but this is fucking discrimination. You should stop writing these stories, you're embarrassing yourself.

      You are the moron that doesn't get it. Why blame?

    • Ok, I believe that you are entitled to your own opinions, and what people are saying to you is cruel but I also believe in God and that he should not hate us for choices he has given us and he doesn't. I do not believe in how people state their opinion about what they think about your opinions and you, they should not use cruelness to try and make you like something. But if you would like to recieve kindness about your opinions, would you try and state them nicer? You have your opinions about music and other subjects, but you cannot be mean and not expect cruelness back. Sadly that is the way the world works a light poke quickly turns to punch. I will not yell and scream for your opinions, that makes no sense to do, all the yelling and screaming will not make you change your mind, and all the kindness in the world will not either, I don't plan for you to change your opinion but I ask of you to respect music and look a little deeper in what it means. I hope you at least consider what I believe. And about Black Veil Brides... I have my opinion about them and I would like to share it with you even if you do not care. I know you have lots of inboxes but I hope you can read mine. I know I don't have perfect grammer, or my choice of music might seem bad to you, I try and work so hard in school and my extra curricular activites even when im tired and i think i have had enough music such as Get thru this by Art of Dying and Never Give In by Black Veil Brides, when I am feeling that all is lost and pointless when I had knee surgery I believed for a short time that i would never play sports again becuase it was so slow going and physical therapy made me frustrated because i dislocated my knee three times and then had surger for a torn ligamint in same knee and a bone came loose Black Veil Brides and other inspiring songs has taught me not to give up and push harder because it sadly gets better before it gets worse, music has taught me even though my 'friends' may not care as me as i once thought when they stab me in the back i learned i forgive but never trust them they taught me to forgive but not make the same mistakes, and I also am not perfect or I don't always make right decisions, im not the prettiest, skinnyest, or smartest(i am not near pretty or skinny, or smartest) but music, books, and my family taught me that I dont need to be pretty on the outside just inside I may not be the most talented but i dont need talent to be me I hope you understand that i am not trying to make you mad or offended . (I hope you beleve me as i am not making anyof this up and my life is not horrible as you might think im thinking that my life is horrible when i say what has happened to me, I love Black Veil Brides and what they stand for. Yes, they smoke and have tatoos and can be considered 'emo' among other things. (I wish smoking didn't exist, it is very harmful) We all have our flaws, such as I am different, I read instead of tv, I would rather be alone then hanging out with friends and music fills the scilence. Black Veil Brides... well they are inspiring to me. No, I DO NOT want to kill anyone or do anything evil while listening to their music I believe that it is okay to be different from everyone else. There is no such thing as 'emo' that is a label, a judgement based on looks, labels are for oganization, not people. I ask of you to consider that these are actual people not a creatures, they have a heart, feelings, opinions. I ask of you this to consider that what your doing is kind of being a hypocrite. I don't mean to be mean. Let me explain, you are being mean and that is the oppisite of what God wants us to do. I believe God loves us equally. I may not know every verse in the bible, go to church, or read the bible. But I know this much; that God has made us all different so we wouldn't be the same. He gave us the small nudge into the world that would let us choose what we prefer to do or what we would like to do. He loves us all equal. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter I hope I don't offend you for stating my opinion. (im pretty sure i repeated myself in this quite a bit, i apoligize for that) PS i am also sorry for length and by typing this i am making it longer

      Then when I ignored this he sent me this

      I beleive that you should not be calling people 'emos' or fa/////gs i thinnk that is cruel and a swear word you tell people not to use fowl language and you are using that language by using the listed above you are being cruel by judging people before looking through other points of veiw i really really hope i dont offend you i just hope you see what you are doing thank you for reading this


      im sorry but you may believe you are Christian but why would you call someone else fat when you dont know them you make me feel like someone punched me when you say something so brutle to someone else even though that person should not be cruel and say you should die that is not Christian way for saying that

      I love how people insult my writing and cant use punctuation! Did you guys even see any?

    March 28
    Bill Kwan
    • If you oppose to Obamacare. Then you should consider giving up your Medicare cause basically Obamacare is Medicare for everyone. Or are you so selfish that you only want the good old Medicare for you and not the younger people and everyone who has pre existing conditions or who has lost their job. Are you aware that 60% of bankruptcy in this country is because of medical expenses. We have money to build bombs and no money to provide citizens with basic health care? Think of that before you object.

      Shut your Sodomy hole.

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