Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Oatmeal: Cyber Cesspit of Unfunny Atheist Sodomy

I was just checking my facebook page (like me here) and there was a link to a webpage called The Oatmeal. It looked like a funny page with silly drawn cartoons. That is until I clicked this story entitled: “How to suck at your religion”.

I had a feeling that I would be offended by it, and I was. The kids out there on the internet seem to think that it is ‘cool’ to hate god. Why is it that today’s youth hate god so much? It is because they are controlled by Satan. It begins because they are week human beings incapable of seeing the goodness in life and Gods creation.

This is why there are so many godless sodomy loving atheists out there. They are weak minded individuals with nothing better to cling to than their own selfish beliefs. What sick and twisted human beings. I shall pray for them. But back to this, “Oatmeal”.  How dare they ruin the name of a good wholesome breakfast by putting such foul fecality on the internet. Furthermore how dare they insult religion. Not just Christianity, the only true religion, but other religions like Mormonism, Jews, and Scientologists. This ‘Oatmeal’ made a point to go after all religions. What a sick sick man. Here are a couple of his little cartoons from this horrible godless website.

After mocking religion, especially Christianity he goes on to suggest how Christians should treat their children. Can you believe this liberal hippie crap?
He obviously wants future generations to burn in hell. It seems that the only religions he likes is Judism but then draws a horrible insulting cartoon to support it with many horrible words.
What kind of man does this? I am afraid that I can not recommend this horrible ungodly website to my friends and family. I strongly suggest you do not go to this atheist perverts website for his atheist propaganda.


  1. Hello. I cannot say that i agree with all this says, but The first one seems to be true. My proof is from this blog, your blog, which you have written as a strong believer in Religion ( as I assumed,but please correct me if i'm wrong ). This drawing shows that even if almost every religion tells us not to judge, you judge people constantly. Not only that, but you encourage people to be "religious" and shun anyone who isn't like you, dreses differently, has a different personality, or does not believe in religion.Take as an example your recent article about Andy Biersack. Quote: "had a childhood where he was picked on for being a little emosexual freak. He is a mental nuisance to the world, and now he is making threats." What ca be understood from this extract is that he is a 'mental nuisance' to the world for being bullied by other judgemental people for having his own style, listening to the music he likes, not the music others have forced on him, and not being one of those people who want to blend in, and be a mindless puppet; I'm sure he wanted to have his own personality, even if this personality wasn't exacly like you would've been (or were). Also, you are showing that thoese who 'picked' on him were right, that they didnt do nothing wrong, that he deserved the bullying. I was raised to respect people oldeer than me, and I am sure that I would pay a lot more respect to you if you weren't a hypocrite. In that same post you showed how you use figures of speech to stir thing up on the internet: "In this months issue of the dark satanic German goth metal magazine Kerang! Beersack states 'I am ready to kill'. The magazine goes on to ask 'Andy Beersack is at his breaking poin...are you next on his hit list?'I think we have to ask ourselves if this is a serious threat. I think the answer is yes" That sentence'I am ready to kill' is a figure of speech; people who use these kinds of figures of speech use them when angry, upset, or under pressure. Maybe he has arguments with his band, or has been angry for a reason and has been bottling up his anger for so long, he tries to get rid of it by using figures of speech.

  2. Here is another extract from an article: "One of America's most trusted allies is to it's north, Canada. But should it be? Should we trust these people? In my experience Canadians are up tight, godless, racist, communist, jerks" I am not going to comment on all of those insulting words, only on one: "racist". You are saying that Canadians are rasist, whilst you are discriminating against a whole nation. I am not Canadian. Neither are my friends. In fact, I hold no connection to Canada whatsoever, but what you are doing here is being a hypocrite, this backing up my statement from before. One of your subjects are "No Guns" in which you say that the fact that they do not want people with mental disorders, or just mentally disturbed get hold of guns, and to have to explain to so many families why their relatives hae been killed in mass shootings like the one at the "Dark knight rises" premiere in... wait for it... AMERICA! where we love guns, and have nothing against sociopaths and psychopaths having their guns, ans long as they are using then to " defend themselves against"people who they think might be, or not, "crazed atheists".

    In response to a email that you recieved you published the following: "Gays are an abomination. Canada sucks. What is 6 nations and why should I care? Screw you hockey we hate it. I am going to heaven and will laugh from on high at your burning soul being tortured for eternity." You say that you are going to heaven, and yet you will laugh at a soul being tortured for eternity. Isn't that what satan does? Isn't it the devil who enjoys others in pain?

    "London is Burning: why God hates England" Is the name of another of your article. I was thought by my extremely religious mother that God loves us all, no matter where we come from. After all, isn't God who gave us souls? Aren't we all His 'children'? Does He not love all his children?

    Now, let us read under the title. some of your reasons are more or less comprehensive, and i understand why you
    would believe that, but here is what you find during it:

    Millinia ago most of Europe was becoming Christians while the pagan Druids in England were building Stonehenge to sacrifice virgins to the Wicca god Cthulhu"

    Let me just say that Cthulhu is not a Druid God. " Cthulhu[1] is a fictional cosmic entity who first appeared in the short story "The Call of Cthulhu", published in the pulp magazineWeird Tales in 1928. The character was created by writer H. P. Lovecraft. " as quoted from Wikipedia. Therefore you are saying that Druids prayed to a Fictional Entity who would've been created thousands of years later. As that makes a lot of sense.

    (BTW, you spelled "millenia" wrong)

  3. "England/Britain/Great Britain:
    Even worse that the monarchy, is what to call the gosh darned place? Is it England? Britain? Great Britian? United Kingdom? What is Whales and how does it even relate to the country? What about Scotland and Ireland?" Please explain to me how that is a reason why God would hate England? I agree that this shows how you are not good in Geography and do not actually care to much to learn the difference.

    Before this, you said the following:"After business and dinner is done with, they relax to the private rooms and have drunken debaucherious parties. This is how Prince Harry met his new wife Kate Winslet." From what I have been told, and what I Researched (something you don't seem to do too often) Price Harry is not married.

    "The English Language:
    Scientists tell us that we speak the same language, and for the most part I agree but what is a wanker, spanner, bollocks, chips, arse, and chaps; but most importantly why do British people smoke fags? I think we know the answer.

    But then there is the way they even spell the same words! They do it WRONG! For Example:
    American English:





    British English:





    There is Difference in this common language that we all speak. Ever wondered where the term "English" came from? England. I am not English. or British, Or part of Ireland. However, does it all matter that much? This kind of thing is happening with almost all languages, because o past colonies, and other languages influencing eachother. It has happened everywhere on this Earth, and I am sure it will happen anyway. If you really wanted to know what those words meant, you would've googled them and got your answer without making such a big deal out of it. And again, I do not Understand why God would hate England for this......

    Now I will talk about your post on Dahvie Vanity. I'm not going to comment on your proof, or say that all you are saying is false, and that he is perfect, and yada, yada, yada. However, I AM going to comment on you discriminating against where he is from:
    "That’s right, not only is he an Emosexual, not only is he a child rapist, but he is also a dirty Mexican. " Now, I'm going to pretend not to have read the first two, but the last one is not something A religious person should say. Even though you have your facts wrong because of lack of research, as he is Puerto Rican, that still does not give you the right to say that even if he was a Mexican, that that was a filthy crime. I don't think he can change where he was born, so it is just the same that i would say you are a mindless american because of the fact that you were born and raised here. I will simply ignore the possibility that you have finished a collage, or that you may have a PhD, for all I know, and say that you are mindless because in my opinion all Americans are stupid. ( that is not my actual opinion, it is just an example.)

  4. Ok you are a HIPPOCRITE! You 'dont agree with shuning people because they're different' yet I have seen at least 5 posts about homosexuals (not Homo-Gays) and 4 posts about a different religion! I REFUSE to delve farther into this blog because you hate 'Muslims, Gays, Bhuddists, and Athiests, anybody/thing thats different from you! You are racist and a hippocrite. Hell even in this post you made remarks about todays youth that just ISNT TRUE! (Im 13 and not talking about me here seeing as how im an Athiest) My nephew who is 14 dress exactly like Dahvie Vanity. He goes to church like that. They treat him no differently than they would their friend or family member. You judge people! Look at 7:1-7:5 in the bible. It basically says what goes around comes around. ALL this judge your casting on people will eventually come back to bite you in the ass.
    New subject:
    Homesexuals are not 'taking over the world' or whatever shit that was you said back in 2011. They are normal people as you and me. They preffer not to be judged based on their Sexual Orientation. In fact most Homosexuals go to church. Should they be thrown out? That brings me back to Freedom of Religion!

    Finally...that comic about the little girl asking what happens after you die isnt anti-religious. Its forcing the girl to have her OWN oppinion instead of having one shoved

    and I apologize for swearing but im pasdionate about Gay Rights and Allowing people to have their own oppinions. This was not a hate comment so please dont misunderstand this. (I spent almost 20 minutes talking about Religion o_o and no you didnt convert me im still an Athiest)