Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Oatmeal: Cyber Cesspit of Unfunny Atheist Sodomy

I was just checking my facebook page (like me here) and there was a link to a webpage called The Oatmeal. It looked like a funny page with silly drawn cartoons. That is until I clicked this story entitled: “How to suck at your religion”.

I had a feeling that I would be offended by it, and I was. The kids out there on the internet seem to think that it is ‘cool’ to hate god. Why is it that today’s youth hate god so much? It is because they are controlled by Satan. It begins because they are week human beings incapable of seeing the goodness in life and Gods creation.

This is why there are so many godless sodomy loving atheists out there. They are weak minded individuals with nothing better to cling to than their own selfish beliefs. What sick and twisted human beings. I shall pray for them. But back to this, “Oatmeal”.  How dare they ruin the name of a good wholesome breakfast by putting such foul fecality on the internet. Furthermore how dare they insult religion. Not just Christianity, the only true religion, but other religions like Mormonism, Jews, and Scientologists. This ‘Oatmeal’ made a point to go after all religions. What a sick sick man. Here are a couple of his little cartoons from this horrible godless website.

After mocking religion, especially Christianity he goes on to suggest how Christians should treat their children. Can you believe this liberal hippie crap?
He obviously wants future generations to burn in hell. It seems that the only religions he likes is Judism but then draws a horrible insulting cartoon to support it with many horrible words.
What kind of man does this? I am afraid that I can not recommend this horrible ungodly website to my friends and family. I strongly suggest you do not go to this atheist perverts website for his atheist propaganda.