Friday, August 3, 2012

Sinners celebrate upcoming Rapture with parties and mocking of Jesus

Originally posted to on May 18 2011


The Seattle Times reports that the evil sinners who will no doubt be "left behind" on Saturday are planning a day of parties and other festivities.

  Facebook and known online cesspit of sin and inequity has a page called "Post rapture looting" and invites left behind evil doers to "When everyone is gone and god's not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we're going to squat in." This afternoon over 175,000 sinners indicated they would be "attending".

The evil "Doonesbury" comic strip is mocking the rapture this week as well. "Rapture parties" are being planned to celebrate the assumed failure of the world to come to an end. One such party is even being planned in the Army town of Fayetteville, N.C.where the local chapter of the American Humanist Association (sounds like Satan worshipers to me) "has turned the event into a two-day extravaganza, with a Saturday night party followed by a day-after concert." One of the planners says "It's not meant to be insulting, but come on," said organizer Geri Weaver. "Christians are openly scoffing at this."

One would expect such less than truly enlightened churches such as Catholics, Methodists, and the borderline pagan Adventists and Church of Gods to do this. But from a Babtist I am shocked! "When we engage in this kind of wild speculation, it's irresponsible," said the Rev. Daniel Akin, president of the Southeastern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. "It can do damage to naive believers who can be easily caught up and it runs the risk of causing the church to receive sort of a black eye."

But some groups are taking it seriously, as the should. Such as our yellow Asian but still christian friends in Vietnam. There it has "led to unrest involving thousands of members of the Hmong ethnic minority who gathered near the border with Laos earlier this month to await the May 21 event. The government, which has a long history of mistrust with ethnic hill tribe groups like the Hmong, arrested an unidentified number of "extremists" and dispersed a crowd of about 5,000.

 But yet here at home it is taken less seriously.
Bart Centre, an atheist from New Hampshire, started Eternal Earth-bound Pets in 2009. He offers Rapture believers an insurance plan for those furry family members that won't join them in heaven: 10-year pet care contracts, with Centre and his network of fellow non-believers taking responsibility for the animals after the Rapture. The fee - payable in advance, of course - was originally $110, but has gone to $135 since Camping's prediction. Centre says he has 258 clients under contract, and that business has picked up considerably this year. But he's not worried about a sales slump if May 21 happens to disappoint believers. "They never lose their faith. They're never disappointed," he said. "It reinforces their faith, strangely enough."

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