Friday, August 3, 2012

Muslim Rap Group PUBLIC ENEMY Destroying America

It has recently come to my attention that thare is a Muslim terror group that is maqurading around as a Rap group called Public Enemy. It is but yet another onslaught of the Muslim threat invading out Christian nation. Since they are black and speak to the blacks they are incouraging not only American white youth to revolt against the American sytem they are also incuraging Blacks to commit acts of terror against "the white man"

In this video the chief rapper "Chuck D" refuses to join the US military in the War on Terror, He is then sent to the GITMO jail where he belongs. To further add insult to injury he then incourages a black gang to join him in breaking out all of the terrorists out of the prison.

video 1:

In this video the group tries to rile up the mexicans who are upset about the great State of Arizona trying to protect herself from illegal immigrants who are destroying the state on side order of guacamole at a time. In this video their level of violence can not be contested as they are shown with assault rifles while poisoning Senators and using car bombs to kill the Governor.

video 2:

Even more horrible is that one of the members of this group known as Flavor Flav is a star of a "celebrity reality" show on VH1. It has been known for a long time that Vh1 along with sister networ MTV has been trying to destroy the youth of our nation for almost 30 years.

 In the video below he lies on a bed and gropes an black woman with a large behind. As we all know overly being attrated to a womans bottom is but one or possibly two steps away from homogay anal gang rape.

video 3:

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