Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is Andy Beersack A Potential Murderer?

In the last couple of weeks we have had two crazed gunmen that have brought tragedy to our shores. First a crazy wacko, wacked out on the Batman movie, shot the place up. During the movie theater shooting he injured 71 people, 12 of them died. Then just this weekend, A neo-nazi gunned down 6 people at a Sikh Temple.

This is not the time to joke about killing people. So why would Someone like Andy Beersack make jokes about doing exactly that?

Beersack is the emosexual rock star of the darkly satanic screaming metal band Black Veal Brides. They use their dark possessed music to woe the hearts of unintelligent under aged girls. These girls believe that Beersack cares about them and their feelings when he is only after their money.

In this months issue of the dark satanic German goth metal magazine Kerang! Beersack states "I am ready to kill". The magazine goes on to ask "Andy Beersack is at his breaking poin...are you next on his hit list?"
I think we have to ask ourselves if this is a serious threat. I think the answer is yes. Just look at the signs. 

This website tells us:
Recognizing a sociopath is not as easy as it may seem, despite the clear criteria provided by the DSMR-IV for diagnosis. Sociopaths can be very convincing and charming at first, especially at the beginning of relationships. A history of poor relationships, problems with the law, and excessive lying are just a few red flags to watch out for at the beginning. A lack of remorse, when noticed in a possible sociopath, is often a warning sign. It is nearly impossible to have a normal relationship with a sociopath, and in some cases, being involved with a sociopath can be dangerous. Their lack of regard for the welfare of others and typical lack of conscience can make sociopaths dangerous.

Andy beersack murdererBut one look at the boy will tell you he ain't right in the head. He dresses like a woman, screams at people and calls it music, paints his face like a demon, and had a childhood where he was picked on for being a little emosexual freak. He is a mental nuisance to the world, and now he is making threats.

I have largely ignored this freak of nature since the beginning of the year. I sent him interview requests through Twitter, to him, his band, and his gay boy friend Matt Good. But I recieved no answer. So I am not wasting anymore time on making this freak famous.

But now he is threatening people. Andy Beersack HAS to be stopped.

He says he is ready to kill. Will I be on his list? I don't care if I am. I am not afraid of this freak or any other preteen weirdo emosexual. You step foot on my yard I am filling your make-up caked face full of buckshot.

I have been fighting the emosexual nuisance for years and will continue to do so. Even before they were called emos they were called Goths and I was there fighting them to. All the way back to those homogay freaks KISS in the 1970's. Thes people will never stop and niether will I. I will not give up America's children to the likes of these disgusting weirdos.