Monday, December 16, 2013

Great American Hero Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage Dead

Originally published on Christwire May 20, 2011 

It is being reported that great 80′s wrestling star Randy Macho Man Savage is dead.
Savage who’s God given name was Randy Mario Poffo, suffered a heart attack Friday morning while driving and lost control of the vehicle. Macho Man was 58.

Savage became a cultural figure for wrestling as well as being a spokesman for Slim Jim’s and an actor who most notably starred in the first “Spider-Man” film, where he beat the heathen out of the little sinful “spidey”.

Wrestling is known as one of the most homo-gay friendly sports in the world but Macho Man stood up to that image and punched it in the face and elbow bombed it from the top rope. Most notably in the late 1980′s when ever Hulk Hogan ripped off his shirt Macho Man was there to beat him for it.
Macho Man was always accompanied by his wife and manager Elizabeth Ann Hulette, aka “The Lovely Miss Elizabeth”, she died in 2003.

Once can imagine Macho Man standing at the pearly gates yelling “I’m coming to join you Elizabeth” much like Red Foxx in Samford and Son.

Soon, Macho Man, we’ll be there too. You just got there one day ahead of us…praise Jesus for the rapture coming tomorrow. We’ll all be there soon!

Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!

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