Monday, December 16, 2013

What Your Tramp Stamp Says About You

While researching another article I came across a phenomenon known as Tramp Stamps. It seems that they have been around for a while. Being older, I had never heard of them until just now. For those of you who don’t know, a tramp stamp is code far a tattoo above ones buttocks. It seems that it is a fashion choice now, but originally was considered by many men as a target.

This “Target” idea is a very delicate subject. You may want to ask any women or children or even young or weak moralled men to leave the room. You see, when a man is in the doggy position with a woman (or homosexual), as he feels the sinful climax of the act drawing nearer he removes his sin stick from the woman’s (or other man) orifice and deposits his seed on the woman’s back, aiming for the tattoo target.

As if that isn’t already filthy enough, I have also uncovered secret code in the tramp stamp community.

Wings or the open wings motif is symbolic of lying spread eagled. It is a way for a woman to communicate in a smokey bar that she is a whorelot.

This one is very simple. This one communicates to a potential mate what they “love” to have unwed sexual relations. It can be combined with other images such as a name or the open wings.

Names and Faces:
This suggests who they would prefer to have dirty sinful sex with instead you you, their rightful wife.

This whorelot has chosen a flying bug with two prominent wings, showing they are open to bisexuality. As a man you will never satisfy this slut. She needs many men to fulfill her disgusting desires.

The tribal form of tattooing is very weird. It is basically a bunch of wavy lines. But from this tramp stamp she is telling you “whites need not apply”.

Speaks for it's self
On the surface the woman is providing something for the man to read, to distract him so as to prolong the carnal act of sinful fornication. But look deeper at what the hidden message is. Is it a bible verse? She is telling you that she hate Jesus and rejects his pure love for the dirty sex love of a whorelot man.

Simple, the flower is the vagina, the dirty whorelots cesspit of sin and man juice.

Are satanic code. Whenever you see this tattoo, know that as a Christian this person is your moral and ethical enemy! BE STRONG! The more stars the more love they have for the Devil.
Barbed wire:
Interest in S&M style fornication.

Often take the place of wings. Once this tattooed slut gets her roots into you, you will be sorry.

The sin art of tramp stamps isn’t that hard to decipher. Whatever the tattoo is, figure out how it relates to sex. Because that is what is at the heart of the tramp stamp fad.

Use what you have learned from this article to see if you can spot the hidden meaning before I tell you.
This tattooed whorelot wants to spread her legs for you while others watch

This bisexual slut wants to get her claws into you so you will pay her bills while others fulfill her holes.

Don't let the cross fool you, she worships satan and wants to spread her legs for satan worshipers.

This whorelot loves to fornicate with men named Edgar.

This skank loves to fornicate with tribal men (i.e. minorities).

This should be obvious to you, if you have been reading.

ITS A TRAP!!!! This woman is a black widow. Once she has your seed deposited on her she will cut off your manhood and feed it to her dark “sisters” at her next coven meeting

This one is hard. At the bottom is a black orchid. The orchid is a flower denoting her vagina. Black is the color of sin and rotten filth. The horns coming from it tells us her vagina is evil. There are stars and butterfly’s, she loves Satan and wishes to be fornicated with in a gentle manner. Finally there is a putrid smell or steam coming from the flower vagina. I believe this woman is telling us that she had sexual relations with Satan whom she loves, in a gentle manner and has contracted possibly multiple STD’s during her coitus of sin with the dark one and is looking to spread that filth to uninformed men.

I hope you have learned something from this article, and if you see any young women that you may know, look for their secret codes and please talk with them about the messages they are putting out.

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